13 Rules: NBA Random Thoughts

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  1. The In Season Tournament was something I didn’t like at first. As the tournament has played out it looks like a great idea. The NBA has had a problem creating fan interest during the NFL regular season. The In Season Tournament made an otherwise uninteresting Tuesday night in late November into a night sports fans were interested in.

Eastern Conference

  1. The Eastern Conference is interesting. As it stands now there are eleven teams with a legitimate chance to make the playoffs or play in game. In no particular order they are, Brooklyn, New York, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Orlando,Indiana, Miami, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Atlanta. One team won’t make the post season. Right now my money is on Toronto.
  2. After watching a few Chicago Bulls games I’ve noticed a few things. This is a team that is trying. The players appear to be passing up open shots to move the ball. They haven’t gone to the point of I’ll get mine. The problem is their chemistry is terrible. Zach LaVine is the only player that appears to not be playing hard and his body language appears to say, “Get me out of here”. The problem with him being traded is, as I’ve said before, who wants to pay him big money when he plays like this.
  3. I think the NBA would be happy with a Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks game in the semifinals of the In Season Tournament but don’t count out the Knicks or for that matter Indiana playing at home.

Western Conference

  1. The Western Conference is similar to the Eastern Conference. They have eleven teams that appear to be fighting for ten berths. In no particular order they are Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Minnesota, Golden State, Sacramento, Denver, Clippers, Lakers, Phoenix and New Orleans. If I had to pick a team that won’t make it I’m torn between Houston and Golden State.
  2. One of the saddest things to watch in sports is when a great team is reaching their expiration date. Especially when they have won a few championships with the same nucleus. Are we there with the Golden State Warriors?
  3. The Phoenix Suns have won seven straight. This is without Bradley Beal and with Kevin Durant missing the last two games. Devin Booker has taken his abilities to a higher level.

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