13 Rules: NBA Random Thoughts

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13 Rules: NBA Random Thoughts. The game we love started with these 13 rules.

  1. Every time I begin to think Milwaukee is a legitimate title contender, like after Saturday’s blow out of the Knicks, the Bucks come back with a stinker like on Christmas Day against the Knicks. They can score with anybody but their defense must improve. Another problem for the Bucks is that as of today they have played 18 home games and 13 road games. They still have two western trips to make.
  2. Steve Kerr complaining on Christmas Day about the officiating is interesting. When the Warriors were winning he didn’t say much about the officials. Could it be his team isn’t as good as they once were and he’s looking to blame something.
  3. Tyrese Maxey who has a good chance at being named to the All Star team came up small when his team needed him the most on Christmas Day. With Joel Embid out Maxey played poorly against the Miami Heat. I know Maxey is really good but when you are the second best player and your best player is out you need to fill that void.
  4. The Phoenix Suns thought having three stars would make them winners. I know Bradley Beal has been hurt an awful lot so we still don’t know if things will work out. My question is, did they pay attention to the Lakers failure after acquiring Russell Westbrook as their third star. Because of the salary cap, having three stars making big money make it difficult to build a roster.
  5. Ja Morant coming back and fueling his team to four straight wins is an accomplishment. It’s a great story and he really is an exceptional and exciting player. Something few people noticed but in their overtime victory over New Orleans Marcus Smart returned after a long absence. In that game Smart was scoreless in the first half. In the second half and overtime Smart had thirteen points. He took a huge charge down the stretch and had five steals. He and Morant make an interesting tandem.
  6. The more I watch the New York Knicks the more I think Jalen Brunson is close to being that 1A star on a championship level team. If so they need a number two guy that complements him. A guy that can shoot, doesn’t need the ball, is a big guard and can defend. I don’t know if Dejounte Murray is that player because he is having trouble playing with a ball dominant guard now. Brunson is ball dominant like Trae Young.
  7. Speaking of the Knicks. After watching last nights Knicks game against Oklahoma City I was stunned when I saw them take out Immanuel Quickley in favor of RJ Barrett. Barrett shot poorly going 5for 14, with about four minutes left. The Knicks were trailing by ten at the time. All Quickley had done was go 7 for 10 from the field and 4 for 5 from three with 22 points in 24 minutes. Have the Knicks already decided they are not going to resign him?

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