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  • What has gone on with the Lakers is beyond ridiculous. Darvin Ham is one of our coaches on the hot seat but it’s not entirely his fault. The coach can’t help D’Angelo Russell shoot threes. Russell, by the way didn’t meet with the press last night after the miserable game he had. Anthony Davis, the self proclaimed, Defensive Player of the Year, gave up eight baskets in the fourth quarter in game two. Last night after the Laker loss he said the team wasn’t organized, a definite shot at Ham. The easy thing to do if you’re the media or the fans is to blame this on the coach.
  • Speaking of the Lakers it seems they can’t close the deal. They have had double digit leads in all three games and they lost each game.
  • The Phoenix Suns are in trouble. Matt Ishbia, the Suns owner, is an impatient man. Since he took over last year he made two deals for aging stars acquiring Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal. Their window to win won’t last long. This gives us another of our coaches on the hot seat, Frank Vogel. Someone has to be the blamed for losing in the first round and the coach is always the easiest target.
  • Going into the season I believed Nick Nurse was one of the most innovative coaches in the league as well as one of the best. After watching the Sixers’ problems with Miami’s zone and then failing to call timeout after Brunson hit the three in the last minute of game two, I am rethinking my beliefs. To me the timeout after Brunson’s three was an easy decision. Why take the ball out under the Knick’s basket when with that timeout you could take it out in your end of the court. If you turn it over you have the opportunity to defend and make it more difficult for the Knicks to shoot an open three.
  • If the Celtics lose this series to the Miami Heat Joe Mazzulla will definitely be one of our coaches on the hot seat. With the Heat shooting so well from three the other night and no adjustment made to close out on the three and put some pressure on Heat shooters. The game gave the Heat life in this series.
  • In that Celtic Heat game Erik Spoelstra showed why he is the best coach in the league. He knows the Heat have to do something out of the ordinary to beat Boston. He also knew with Terry Rozier and Jimmy Butler out he needs to figure out how to get more points. This led to his team shooting 57% of their shots from three. He also switched defensive coverages on every Boston possession, confusing the Celtics’ offense.
  • The Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Clippers series has seven game written all over it.
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