Top 3 Best and Frustrating Heat players

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The Top 3 Best and Frustrating Heat players to me are two separate lists. Over the 36 years of the franchise, there have been great players and frustrating players. It is not a list of the best in terms of talent and athleticism. The most frustrating aren’t the worst with talent. So, I layout this format with the best Heat players listed first in descending order. Then, I list the top 3 most frustrating.

#3 Best — Shane Battier

Battier has become a South Floridian. (Credit: Palm Beach Post)

Battioke! Shane Battier came to the Heat in 2011 to help win Championships. Look at this article here from the Palm Beach Post in 2018. He thought he would be in Miami temporarily and he has stayed. He accepted an executive position with the Heat and is helping develop players.

#2 Best — Alonzo Mourning

He’s from Virginia but Miami is home. (Credit: Mourning Family Foundation)

The first great player in franchise history. He was the centerpiece of the offense, he flexed his muscles when he made a good defensive play or big score. Look at this article here on Mourning “leaned into” the City of Miami. He donated his time to the underserved communities in Miami-Dade County. Look at this article here from the New York Times talking about the Top NBA players (Mourning ranked #69.) He has a High school in Miami named after he and his wife. He is still working with the team.

#1 Best — Udonis Haslem

Haslem needs a statue at the Kaseya Center. (Photo Credit: Bobby Metelus, Getty Images)

The guy was the difference maker for the Heat in the 2006 Finals to stop Dirk Nowitzki. Look at this article here from Haslem won the matchup in 2006 and Nowitzki in 2011. He doesn’t have big numbers through his career, but he is the All-Time leader in rebounds. Every fan wishes they had a player that was born in the hometown and was actually good and effective. Haslem was this guy for Miami. He retired in 2023 and took an executive position with the team. Look at this article here from Ebony magazine last month that talked about Haslem and Mourning’s philanthropy.

#3 Frustrating — Dion Waiters

“Philly Cheese” looked to be a “diamond in the rough” when he got to the Heat from Oklahoma City. He starred on the 2016-2017 team that went 30-11 in the second half of the season. Then, he tailed off. He posted a pic on social media of him at a club celebrating his party, but he told the team he was sick. He was quoted that he was upset with his playing time. Then came the “edibles” incident on the plane. Look at this article here from Bleacher Report. Waiters is doing well and has gotten help for anxiety and depression. He openly stated that he regretted his actions with the Heat before he got traded.

#2 Frustrating — Justise Winslow

Winslow has had demons but is scraping to get better. (Credit: Getty Images)

He could never get a jump shot. He led Kentucky to the 2015 National Championship and went to Miami with the #10 pick. Everyone, including me, thought he was going to be the “point guard of the future.” He was big for a point guard and could make great passes. Look at this article here from He drank heavily and partied too much when he was with Miami.

#1 Frustrating — Hassan Whiteside

Whiteside put up 20 and 10 in the Puerto Rican league. (Credit: Deseret News)

“The Great Wall of Whiteside.” That is the name Heat play-by-play announcer, Eric Reid gave Whiteside when he exploded on the NBA scene. Everyone asked, “How could this guy have flamed out and been found in a YMCA gym?” Look at this article here from Whiteside never got rid of his erratic behavior. He was too convinced he was an NBA star and couldn’t adjust and improve.

After 10 years in the NBA and recently in the Puerto Rican Basketball league. This article here from says that Whiteside has retired.

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