A Quickley Situation


What should the Knicks do with Immanuel Quickley once this season is over?

Particularly, If you watched Immanuel Quickley in Wednesday’s matchup against the Hawks, you see how valuable he is to this Knicks team. When the Knicks came out of that time after going down 101-94 in the 4th, Quickley managed to go on a 5-0 run which gave the Knicks momentum.Then, later in the 4th,he hit the clutch free throws that eventually helped seal the 116-114 win for the Knicks. Quickley ended the game with 20 important points and also tallied 4 assists for the night.

The offensive spark that Immanuel Quickley continues to give the Knicks is crucial. As time has shown, it is not easy to find a bench player that can put up 15-20 points a night. Unfortunately, since Quickley and the Knicks didn’t agree to a contract extension, Quickley’s future in New York is uncertain. How should the Knicks approach this situation?

What Should They Do?

First and foremost, the Knicks should keep their eye on potential trade options. I know this might sound crazy because of how I just praised him but hear me out. As reported, Immanuel Quickley will become a restricted free agent this upcoming summer. The fact that he is a restricted free agent gives the Knicks the right to match any offer Quickley gets from a team. 

Now, even though Quickley is a valuable piece to the Knicks team, you still have to keep your options open. Especially if he’s going to be a free agent. There’s always a chance of him signing with another team while getting nothing in return. Also, in this case, it’s possible that the offer made by another team might be too steep of a price to match. Ultimately, I would only trade Quickley if it’s a sign and trade deal in the offseason. Unless a big star becomes available at the trade deadline, I would keep him on the team for this season and figure it out in the summer. Truthfully, it would hurt to see Quickley go but with him not signing the extension, it really forces the Knicks to consider potential trade options.

Prove It to me

So far this season, Immanuel Quickley has continued to be a key contributor to the Knicks offense. He’s currently averaging 15 PPG and 3.8APG while shooting 45% from the field. In the end, if the Knicks are going to sign Quickley to a big contract this summer, he needs to keep proving his worth. Also, the Knicks need to continue to put him in positions to prove it as well. As long as Quickley keeps ascending and the money makes sense in contract negotiations, there shouldn’t be a reason why Quickley doesn’t remain a Knick beyond this season. In contrast, it’s still a business and the Knicks can’t make the mistake of overpaying Quickley either. We’ll just have to see how this season goes.

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