Bringing NY to Cleveland

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Obi Toppin shows off some of his dunking skills as he manages to win the Dunk Contest while Cole Anthony brings some NY flavor to the contest.


Was it the most glamorous dunk contest ever? Not by a longshot. Could there have been a better group of players to participate in the contest?  Absolutely.  Considering all of this, it was still nice of Obi Toppin to bring a little bit of a bright spot to the Knicks especially with how bad the season has been for the organization. As we know, the Knicks did not have any All Star selections (no complaints here) so it was a cool moment to see Toppin win the contest and have arguably the best dunk of the night.

Bringing NY to Cleveland

Performing a behind the back dunk over another human being is pretty impressive. Even though it took some time to complete the dunk, it still was a creative dunk that ultimately helped Toppin win the Slam Dunk crown. He became the first Knicks since Nate Robinson to win a Slam Dunk contest and only the third big man to win it in the past decade.Toppin might have won the contest but he wasn’t the only player that represented New York.

Cole Anthony Counts

Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony, who’s also a New York native, performed a windmill dunk in the most New York way possible. Not only did he honor his father ( former Knicks star Greg Anthony) by wearing his throwback Knicks Jersey, he also wore the NY favorite Timberland Boots. The dunk might not have been great but the skit behind it brought some fun to the contest and also put smiles on the faces of fellow New York legends Carmelo Anthony and Spike Lee.

Bringing NY to Cleveland

In the future, something has to be done to make the dunk contest more appealing to viewers but at least the Knicks were able to be represented in some type of way. Hopefully, this will change next year when  All Star- Weekend takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. As of now, Knicks fans should find some type of enjoyment out of this especially with all of the disappointment they have endured so far this season.

Anything is a win at this point.

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Bringing NY to Cleveland Bringing NY to Cleveland

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