Reggie Miller Called Bobby Portis “Crazy Eyes.”


In my Austin Powers voice, “The NBA Playoffs are back baby, yea!”  Groovy Baby!” I should have placed a bet that the Bucks would win the NBA championship about three months ago. Back when the odds were better. I don’t see any team in the East stopping the Milwaukee Bucks. Even as a lifelong Lakers fan, if I had to bet on a team to win it all right now, it would be the Bucks.  The Heat’s fire was stomped out by the Bucks last night. The Bucks are too big, too strong and too fast for the Heat. They looked a lot better than the Lakers did the other night, losing to the Suns in game 1 of their series.

The Lakers are beat up and the Bucks are healthy and rolling and jumping out of the gym grabbing 61 rebounds. Milwaukee is passing the rock with purpose, playing unselfish championship caliber basketball. As a team they finished with 34 assists by the end of the game one, with six players in double figures. Including my boy “Crazy Eyes” aka Bobby Portis.

Big At a Young Age

I have grown up watching Bobby Portis play ball. My father was a principal at Hall High for twenty years. I was a bench warmer on the basketball team. When Hall began their basketball dynasty in the mid 2000’s it was because of Bobby Portis. The young man was seven feet tall in the ninth grade and weighed eighty pounds. He looked like a walking stick out on the court. But guess what, you cannot teach someone to be tall. Bobby Portis has always been a winner. He took Hall High to the Arkansas state basketball championship all four years, winning three. The only loss was to Jacksonville, another respectable basketball power house in the state of Arkansas.

A stand out player from that school is DeVonte Davis. He plays for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and if you watched the Hogs during March Madness this year, you need to keep Davis on your radar as the next Isaiah Thomas. But getting back to Mr. Bobby Portis, the young man is just a winner, he has won his entire life. He has a burning desire to win, you can see it in his eyes. Portis dominated Arkansas high school. He dominated the SEC winning player of the year. And now he is the back up to the most dominant big man in the league Giannis Antetokounmpo.


And don’t forget Brook Lopez. Lopez is the only player I have seen since Akeem to incorporate the low post hook shot into their game. You can tell he has been practicing that shot thousands of times in practice because the man is automatic with both hands. Something I have never seen anyone do.

The big men of Milwaukee cannot be stopped, their guard play however could be their down fall if they do not play consistent, or if the opposing team can really pressure them defensively, but the Heat looked like a ninth grade team playing varsity last night. I cannot believe this Heat team played in the finals last year, but Milwaukee is just that much better. Besides Memphis, the Bucks might be the most exciting team to watch in the NBA playoffs. After watching the Bucks masterful performance, I had to turn off the Portland Nuggets game, it was so boring, they are both good teams, but golly they are like watching paint dry, Phil Mickelson is more exciting, shoutout to the oldest PGA major winner.

The NBA Playoffs are back baby, with a Tiger Woods fist pump and a Rick Flair , “Wooo!” – Go Lakers, Will They Repeat? Game 2 against the Suns tonight, LeBron might need to ask Jordan if he still has any steroids, I mean his “Secret Stuff” from Space Jam.

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