Can Lebron Play Point? YES? Should Lebron Play Point? NO!


It’s not a question of can he, it’s a question of should they. The Lakers are considering playing LeBron James at point guard which raises questions.

Unless it is the fourth quarter with five minutes to go in the game, LeBron should not be playing point guard for the Lakers. If the Lakers rely on LeBron to be their main, starting point guard he is going to re-injure himself by the All-Star Break. LBJ is still the greatest athlete on the planet right now, I compare LeBron’s body to the world’s greatest vehicle, but it is still a 2003 model and there are a lot of miles on this vehicle. However, this 2003 vehicle has been well maintained and is in better running condition than many newer vehicles on the market today. LeBron’s vehicle  is getting close to one million miles on the odometer and the engine is still running great as a daily driver, but the vehicle still is a 2003 model. Would you want to drive across the United States in a 2003? No, the chances of it breaking down are highly likely. 

The greatest conditioned athletes on the planet are point guards in the NBA due to, in part, constant transition sprinting. No other position, in no other sport is as grueling and physically draining as playing point guard in the NBA. Some sport fans might argue that American Football or Soccer is more physically taxing but here is why it is not even close. American Football is a collision sport, and the players exert all of their strength during each play and then the whistle blows and the players get to catch their breaths for about a minute before the next play. The same thing goes for the majority of soccer (futbol) players, except for the most important player on each team the mid-fielder, who is the only player on the team who plays both offense and defense. All of the other players run hard when the ball is in their area but notice them walking a lot catching their breath when the ball is not around them. Basketball is a constant sprint, no other sport has made me barf as much as playing basketball in high school and AAU.

If the Lakers want to play LeBron at point, I hope it is just for short important stints, like when the game is on the line or maybe at the start of the game to help the team get rolling to an early lead. No one is questioning that the Lakers are a better team with the ball in LeBron’s hands, it does not matter what position he is playing. I just hope the Lakers don’t push him too hard, too fast, too soon, coming right off the biggest injury of his career. 

If Coach Frank Vogel slams his foot down on the gas pedal, his 2003 is going to break down.

If the Lakers do not win the NBA Championship this year, it’s a losing season. The only way for the Lakers to win is if LeBron, their best vehicle, is running properly. Even though LeBron might be one hundred percent healthy and ready to go, Vogel might need to pump the breaks with LeBron until he sees the finish line. Keep LeBron primarily playing the small forward focusing on defense and distributing the ball in a half court offense. Conserve some diesel so the Lakers can cruise to another Championship, don’t run out of fuel and not even make it to the playoffs. Because if the Lakers 2003 breaks down again, if LeBron gets hurt, and it’s just AD then it is going to be like he never left the Pelican’s. The Lakers won’t be going very far if they aren’t riding in a well maintained LeBron 2003 Hummer. Remember when he got that right out of high school? 

It’s good to be the king.

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