The Curious Case Of The Atlantic Hawks

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesTwo years ago the Atlanta Hawks were the up and coming team in the NBA. The Hawks lost to the future champions, Milwaukee Bucks, in the conference finals and their future looked bright. Something happened to them since then and it isn’t working out as thought. In trying to understand what may have happened […]

What To Make of The Hawks Streak

The Hawks have won five straight games. It has taken them the whole season for them to finally get over .500 after having high expectations coming off last year. Is the winning streak the real Hawks or what they have done up to the streak the real Hawks. Let’s look at the numbers to decide.

The Hawks Claw The Pelicans

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Atlanta Hawks faced off against The New Orleans Pelicans and came out with back to back wins. While gaining the upset over the Pelicans 126-103, the Hawks ended their last road game on this trip. This win comes after going into overtime in their previous matchup. Lou Williams had a nice 19 point, […]

Denver Nuggets Cage Atlanta Hawks

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Denver Nuggets defend their home floor 102-126 against the Atlanta Hawks. In the first half the Hawks made 9-16 from 3 point range. The  Denver Nuggets hold off the Hawks ending the 2nd quarter with a 20-6 run. Nikola Jokic led his team, made passing the ball look too easy with 6 assists […]

The Atlanta Hawks Win On Road Against Golden State

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Golden State Warriors lose to The Atlanta Hawks 108-124. With Stephen Curry being out due to a tailbone injury the Warriors would need to utilize each player effectively making it easier for them to score. The Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young hit the floor looking to score and facilitate the ball. In the […]

Atlanta Hawks soar past Houston Rockets

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesDespite the Houston Rockets making a run and with trade rumors swirling, the Atlanta Hawks were able to still pull away with the win. The Rockets were getting attacked by the Hawks pick and roll scoring to the basket. That led Atlanta Into the second half with a 23 lead. The Houston Rockets stepped […]

Atlanta Hawks Breeze by Cavaliers

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Atlanta Hawks win at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers 82-100. Despite not having one of the best shot defenders in the league in Clint Capela during their matchup, the Hawks managed to come out on top. John Collins along with Danilo Gallinari both contributed the most by leading the Hawks to their victory […]

Charlotte Hornets sting Toronto Raptors

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Charlotte Hornets took advantage in beating the Toronto Raptors (104 – 114). With 3 starters still being out due to COVID protocol, Toronto is 9th in the East and Charlotte now 6th. The Charlotte Hornets hit the first quarter running with more energy. Not only did they play with so much enthusiasm but […]

Atlanta wins by 1 against Toronto

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Atlanta Hawks beat the Toronto Raptors by a nail-biter of 121-120. Beginning in the first quarter the Hawks came out looking to score. Moving the ball was essential in their leading stretch of 37-26. The Hawks have made adjustments to the game by slowing the ball down to create open shots. Norman Powell […]

Why is Lloyd Pierce Gone?

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesLloyd Pierce is no longer the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. That fact has a lot of people scratching their heads. Unless something egregious happens mid season, most coaches get the boot at the conclusion of the 82 game journey. There have even been head coaches that have won under 15 games a […]