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This piece was written before Trajan Langdon’s announcement as the president of basketball operations. As the NBA playoffs draw closer

With the conclusion of the 2024 NBA draft, the Charlotte Hornets secured the 6th pick. Despite having a 13% chance

The NBA draft lottery was held this past Sunday, and the Detroit Pistons got shafted again. After finishing the season

If you are a fan of a lousy team in the NBA, you should expect to see changes. After finishing

The offseason in Detroit is excitingly frustrating. Being in the sports media space for the past seven years has been

Times are uncertain for the Los Angeles Lakers following another playoff heartbreaker to end their 2023 season. Almost immediately after

What is a common denominator if you watch the 2024 NBA playoffs and see the teams in the mix? They

The power forward position for the Detroit Pistons faced unique challenges this season. Except for Isaiah Stewart, the team needed

The small forward position, identified as a critical area for improvement, was the focus of the Pistons’ strategic moves in

Today, we are continuing to grade the 2023-24 Detroit Pistons. After assessing Ownership, general manager, coach, and point guards, Today