Charlotte Short a Dozen to Portland

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It was a close matchup between the two teams yet it was The Portland Trail Blazers with the 123-111 win over The Charlotte Hornets. Despite Portland still being short a dominant player in CJ McCollum the team still manages to communicate with one another on the floor to get the job done. Beginning in the first Portland immediately began moving the ball to create open shots and scoring opportunities. Robert Covington finishes the game with a double double of 21-10 sinking five three pointers and shooting 8-11 from the field. Damian Lillard also ends the game with a double double scoring 23 points and doing a tremendous job facilitating the ball earning him 10 assists. While the Blazers set a new team record of 24 threes made, Carmelo Anthony adds a new season high with 29 points shooting 6 out of 10 from 3.

Star Of The Game

Typically The Charlotte Hornets like to move the ball at a fast pace. However, once that happened, the 10 time NBA All Star veteran Carmelo Anthony began to control the tempo with his scoring capabilities. Melo took advantage of each open look by either splashing the 3 or shooting the midrange pull up. Making his way to the free throw line wasn’t a problem either. His release is very quick which always seems to lure the defense in. Since being with Portland, Melo has proven that his athleticism has been both offensively and defensively on. Not just scoring but jumping to possessions he made his opponents pay from the lazy passes which helped increased their lead.

Biggest Concern

The Charlotte Hornets gave up too many open shots to their opponents. Making adjustments to their defense by adding pressure on the ball could stop some of the looks that they are giving away. Down two players in Gordon Hayward and Cody Zeller forced the team to play with only 9 players. However, the team still lacked poorly in their defense as well as rebounding and crashing the boards which should be a given especially whenever the bench decreases. Even with players being out due to injuries, the Charlotte Hornets still have to push through and continue to finish the till the end of the last quarter.

Surprise Contributor

While just finishing February off averaging 20-6-6 becoming the third teenager to do so, LaMelo Ball is already playing at a remarkable level. Especially for his young age Ball seems to always be a step ahead in the game with a clear mind. He continues to having success for his rookie season. In the last 5 games alone The Charlotte Hornets rookie has scored 20 plus points per game letting the game come to him. Just in his first season LaMelo seems to be everywhere on the floor from scoring, anticipating the next pass or play all while creating plays himself. Leaving the floor with 30-8-6 and only missing 2 out of 7 three pointers adding 4 steals, its safe to say that the 19 year old will be performing at this superb level for a longtime.


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