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Every year each team plays the world’s largest guessing game with their rosters. They sign players in free agency and draft young men from the country’s best schools. Some teams workout Un-drafted prospects or scout overseas talent and fly them in to the Sates. These methods have all been used over the years as a means of producing a championship caliber team, but it’s still a gamble. I mean let’s face it there’s no blue print for how to create a contender. Well Until now…

The Starting Five

Point Guard

  • In the NBA you there are numerous star point guards, In fact it’s a position that has some of our game’s greatest players. Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving just to name a few. Now, In my eyes the best point guard for a team looking to win it all must have a few important qualities.
  • He must possess the ability to create his own shot and create a shot for others. The point guard traditionally was the facilitator for the team, spreading the rock and making sure that everyone eats. The most effective point guards need to have that option to pass to an open man or pull up and pop an open “J” if necessary.
  • Another valuable skill is leadership. This may seem like a no-brainer but nonetheless it’s still very important, for a team, that the player with the highest usage might as well also be the on court commander. However, the point guard doesn’t HAVE to be the leader of your squad. We see examples of other positions being that coach on the floor all the time. (e.g. King James, Nikola “The Joker” Jokic, Draymond Green, etc.)
  • Your point guard needs to be intelligent. Not necessarily Harvard intelligent, but he needs a higher IQ because of the advanced level of difficulty at his position. The Point surveys the court each time down, usually runs plays for the team, calls out defensive sets and flows the offense through himself. His brain cannot belong to that of a knuckle head.

Shooting Guard

  • Shooting guards are generally taller than point guards, yet they don’t have to be. The best attribute for a SG is his ability to put the ball in the basket.
  • On a LEGENDARY Championship roster the PGs and SGs are interchangeable. If the point guard can shoot and the Two guard can play make. This is important to have so that a team with star players at these two guard positions can stack minutes and give each player a chance to run the offense and get plenty of touches. The shooting guard should be a good spot up shooter, and will often take shots off directly following the pass.
  • Not ALL shooting guards have to shoot three pointers very well, but since we’re building a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM our shooting better shoot threes and do it at a high rate. An ideal shooting guard will have the discipline to take smart shots and know when not to pull up versus when to let it fly.
  • INSIDE!! When the shots not falling and you’re in a slump a talented scorer must be able to score in other ways

Small Forward

  • The most versatile position on the court. Small forwards on a perfect roster would need to be anywhere between 6’6” and 6’9”. A smaller SF could be subbed in at The off guard, while a taller one could spell your power forward when he needs a breather.
  • A small forward on my “Title Team” needs to have terrific defense. Not okay defense but terrific defense, and the ability to guard multiple positions on different parts of the court, behind the arc, in the post, on the drive, at the baseline, etc.
  • He must be VERSATILE that is something I can’t overstate. Your ideal small forward steals a little swag from all the other positions and puts it into one man. (Lebron is a great example)

Power Forward

  • The Power forward is a tricky role to fill. I don’t condone following the trend of just tossing in a guy who should probably be playing small forward and calling it a day. Power forward needs to be just that POWERFUL! HEINOUS! AGGRESSIVE!
  • A great power forward is around 6’10” or 6’11”, but generally no taller. He can switch to the center if needed, but will start and usually stay at the 4.
  • Power forwards are not just “small centers”, especially in this line up I’m aiming for a player with a longer wingspan to add two interior threats on D [including the center].
  • He will be a hustle guy grabbing boards, setting screens and playing lockdown D on players big and small. You can live with him getting beat by smaller guys on the dribble but he must assert himself in the lane when bodying up, boxing out and backing down


  • The center…the middle man on the team. The best center for this team is a 6’11” player with an equal or greater wingspan. Or a 7’O” to 7’1” behemoth.
  • He most likely will average around 15 to 20 points off put backs, post passes, sky hooks, drop steps, and DUNKS!
  • He must be able to toss an outlet pass down court on a rope to a teammate to start the fast break.
  • his rebounding needs to be superb this is how you win games by getting more possessions and salvaging wasted ones

The Bench

  • Your remaining roster needs to be delicately orchestrated to playoff of your starting five. Your most important player coming off the bench is the sixth man. On this title run the sixth man needs to be a small forward to have the most effectiveness. That way he can sub in at multiple positions if need be.
  • Your reserve guards should be THREE POINT SHOOTERS! Numbers do not lie the three point shot is not only the most popular shot, but the best shot when cutting into a lead or vice versa. You CANNOT have enough good shooters it’s impossible. Load your bench with guys who can score well, but don’t need to score a lot that’s a big key in keeping morale up.
  • Back up bigs don’t need to have as much skill as the starters, however they need to do more than just be “big and tall”. The ideal back up big may not always be as good as your starter but needs to do the important things well so that when he’s in the game you don’t suffer a huge drop-off. That should technically be the case with all of your back ups.

Important needs…

  • I don’t believe you need a “legendary coach” to be successful. At least not if you have the right pieces around you. However, the value of a good coach with the right scheme and a superb game plan is another thing that cannot be overstated. Many people don’t realize just how important it is to put players in the right position to be successful. A coaches job does not just involve wearing his Sunday’s best on game day, he needs to make sure that the precise right line up is matched up at all times, he needs to be aware of who needs a break and who’s got the fresh legs, he needs to stagger minutes so that star players get their chance to shine. Coach has to be a therapist and deal with the players emotional problems while also defusing any drama within the squad.
  • Good morale obviously, but just because it’s a cliché doesn’t mean it’s any less true
  • I don’t know if I’d say you need a high draft pick but I think it definitely wouldn’t hurt. Not all great players come in the top 5 but many have so having a good scout that knows the diamonds from the coal is ideal.
  • MONEY!!! The downfall of a team can be not coming to an agreement with your players about the money you want to pay and how much they feel they deserve.
  • not sure it’s much you can do to stop the injuries other than try not to sign someone with that kind of history. Even if he’s really good, he can’t score if he’s on the training table every night.

There’s No Perfect World

The world isn’t perfect so things happen that hurt your chances, but following this blue print makes it easier on you. The league is in for a treat once you put your team together and finally hit the floor. So get ready league, somebody is taking notes and the whole world is a bout to WITNESS.

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