Chris Bosh doesn’t get blood clots and…

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Chris Bosh doesn’t get blood clots and the Miami Heat would’ve been a perennial playoff team. They even win a title. After Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots, the team went into free-fall. They lost to Toronto in the ECF semifinal, they didn’t make the playoffs in two out of three seasons afterward. Then Jimmy Butler came to the Heat and a new era began.

Look at this article here on Bosh petitioned the NBA to try to keep playing. Obviously, Bosh couldn’t play because the blood clots were life threatening. Look at this article here from in 2016, explaining the blood clots. He didn’t want to stop playing, so let’s do the “what if.”

2015-2016 Season — Bosh doesn’t have blood clots.

In the 2015-2016 season, Goran Dragic comes to Miami. This was a veteran team with young talent. Bosh continues playing for the Heat in this fantasy. The team without Bosh went to the Eastern Conference semifinal and lost to Toronto. Bosh wins Game 7 against Toronto and the Heat play Cleveland.

The Raptors went to play Cleveland in 2016 and lost in six games. The Raptors had never been that far in the playoffs. This Heat team had Dwayne Wade, Goran Dragic, Luol Deng and Joe Johnson. Add a healthy Chris Bosh and the Cavaliers get pushed to seven games. Hassan Whiteside actually was “dialed-in” this season so the Heat had a post presence. Tell me I’m wrong the Heat don’t do this.

The 73-9 Golden State Warriors were a load that season to many opposing teams. I’m not going to tell you that the Heat would’ve beaten them, but the Heat would’ve made the NBA Finals.

2017 – 2019 — Heat make playoffs every season.

In this season, the Heat lost Dwayne Wade to free agency. Look at this article here from where Wade explains why he left. Bosh had a max deal. Look at this article here from where the Heat missed the playoffs by one game and the reasons. A healthy Chris Bosh gets that Heat team in the playoffs and no doubt, they would’ve gone past the first round.

Bosh in the Heat locker room would’ve steadied players. (Photo credit: Jon Sokolowski, USA Today)

The Heat were good enough to make the playoffs in 2017-2018 and face the 76ers. No doubt, a healthy Bosh would’ve gotten more than one game. The next season, Dwayne Wade came back to the Heat and the Heat finished with 39 wins. A healthy Bosh gets that total above 40. He and Goran Dragic become the best two man tandem in the league.

2020 — Bosh’s final season.

Then, in 2020, the Heat acquire Jimmy Butler and Meyers Leonard in a sign and trade. The team goes 44-29 before the season was suspended by Covid. They get into “the bubble,” where they make it to the Finals. Look at this article here from where they breakdown how the Heat won the Eastern Conference.

Bosh would’ve schooled Davis in the 2020 Finals. (Credit:

A healthy Bosh on this team would’ve put them over the top against the Lakers. Bosh locks up Anthony Davis and Jimmy Butler takes out Lebron. Sadly, Goran Dragic still gets injured in Game 1, but with a healthy Bosh, rookie Tyler Herro has an open avenue to continue his great play. The Heat go toe-to-toe with the Lakers but end up winning Game 7 to get title #4. Bosh retires after the season a three time Champ and a 17 year vet.

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