Cleveland Doesn’t Rock

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On the second night of a back-to-back, and after a tough loss in Brooklyn, the Los Angeles Clippers (17-6) emerged victorious against the Cleveland Cavaliers (10-12) in Rocket Mortgage Field House by a score of 121-99. The Clips started off strong in the first, not looking like they were on the second night of two in a row, but fatigue looked like it started to set in during the second. Scoring only 19 points in the frame. Allowing rising star Collin Sexton to lead a Cavs run to briefly take a lead. Once the second half started though, the Clippers found their second wind and pulled well ahead, building a lead as much as 23 points. Eventually taking the game by a comfortable margin.


Paul George. After seemingly struggling the night previous in Brooklyn, PG13 looked like a man on a mission. He scored a team and game high 36 points making a whopping total of 8 out of 9 3 pointers to go along with 4 rebounds and 6 assists. He may have heard about some of the comments Lakers bench warmer Jared Dudley made about him in his recently published book, because he played like he had something to prove. Dudley should not be lighting a fire in a rival like that; because next time his team faces LAC and Paul George plays like that, the Lakers will take the L. Dudley and his perfectly round head will hear it from his team. The Clips will thank him for the extra motivation.


I do not have any major concerns after this game other than the NBA needing to be more consistent with their officiating. Paul George only shot one free throw in Brooklyn, and 3 last night. The team as a whole is down in the bottom of the league when it comes to getting to the line because of their propensity to shoot outside shots, but that is no excuse. When players get hacked fouls should be called. Period. The refs have a history of not blowing the whistle on contact when it comes to the Clippers. Chris Paul used to complain about it all the time, which I know grained on the officials nerves, but still he has not been on the team for years now. I am not saying for the refs to call the game in their favor, just be fair about it. They consistently have not done so.


Luke Kennard and his 9 points on the 3 out of 4 3 point shots. Kennard is from Ohio so I am going to give it to him in this instance. His dad was in the stands last night, and Luke looked like he was playing to impress. He played well last night after not doing so the night previous. He hadn’t been out on the floor for nearly an entire year due to injury and his previous team not making the bubble, so he has been trying to get into the swing of things all year. He’s been up and down all season. But if he plays like his dad is in the crowd from here on out, he should do all right.

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