Clippers Are The Series Takers Against The Lakers


The Los Angeles Clippers (45-22) beat down their crosstown rival Los Angeles Lakers last night 118-94 (37-29) at Staples Center. The Lakers were already without LeBron James (because he is not at 100% and is scared of embarrassing himself), and then lost Anthony Davis for the game early in the first quarter after he rolled his ankle and subsequently had back spasms. Without LeBron the Lakers are mediocre, and without AD they just plain suck. So without them they proceeded to get their asses beat by the Clippers. The game was not even really in doubt to begin with, but once Davis went out it was all but assured.

The Clippers looked like they stopped trying altogether in the second half and still managed to pull of the win easily. The Clippers swept the season series and regained 3rd place in the standings. Whereas the Lakers have fallen to 6th. So as of right now they would be facing each other in the first round of the playoffs. If the Lakers’ stars don’t come back soon, they are in serious danger of falling far enough to have to play in the play-in games, and missing the playoffs altogether. That would be hilarious.


Paul George and 24 points on 8 out of 12 shooting, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Not a lot to be said here. This wasn’t PG’s best game he’s ever played but he was easily the best player out on the floor last night. He did what he needed to do to lead his team to get the victory.


The only thing I can point out is all the turnovers. They had 22, which is just way wayyy too many. Even so, the Clippers were still able to take care of business beat a team they were supposed to beat. So there’s a bit of silver lining in that even with that many miscues, they were still able to come out ahead against a bitter rival (as of now) playoff team.


DeMarcus Cousins and his 11 points and 3 rebounds off the bench. Cousins continues to look better and better with every game he plays for LAC. He is slowly but surely getting closer and closer to regaining his All-Star form. If he can manage to stay healthy, he should be a big time contributor come the postseason.

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Stewart Rau

Written by Stewart Rau

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