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The Los Angeles Clippers (18-8) stopped their losing streak at two by putting down the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves (6-19) at Target Center Wednesday night 119-112 . LAC got Patrick Beverley back, but were still without Paul George, who is projected to miss at least one more game with his swollen toe. Pat Bev only played 18 minutes but it was sure was good to see him back. His energy has been missed. The Clippers started off this game slow, letting the Wolves take a double-digit lead in the first quarter and a 6 point lead into halftime. Things did not look good for the Clippers at the half, it looked like they very well could extend their losing streak to 3. Karl-Anthony Towns and his crew looked poised to get a much needed W. LAC turned things around in the 3rd, looking very much like the Clippers we are used to seeing dominate. They won the frame 33-20. On the strength of that dominant quarter they claimed the victory.


Sweet Lou and his 27 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. I know I very well could give it to Kawhi Leonard and his 38 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and a block for this one, but I have been very hard on Lou Williams recently so I am going to give him the nod here. Primarily because it was him who carried the team and kept them in it during the first half. He looked exactly like the Lou Williams of old, the guy who is the all-time NBA leader in points scored off the bench. He was the closer for the team scoring in double digits in the fourth. Lou Will brought the game home for his team, helping them match the Wolves 39 points in the final stanza. Apparently he had been still feeling the effects of his hip injury from earlier in the season, and it was that which was affecting his play. You could tell that hip is feeling better lately, as he has been more aggressive. It sure is good to see it. Keep it up Lou, you having a good game should not be a headline.


Paul George. Hopefully this toe ailment is not one that lingers. We need him back. We need his outside-shooting, we need his defense, we need his presence. This game should have been a blowout. The Wolves have the worst record in the league, yet they led the game at the half. With PG13 in the game, I do not think that would’ve been the case. He is going to be out at least one more game. So hopefully this Friday against the Bulls the Clips can survive one more without him, and they do not struggle for as long as they did Wednesday night against another bottom-feeder team. I do not want them to rush him back if he is not ready though, because he is one piece the team cannot afford to be without if he were to exacerbate his injury.


Terance Mann. Ok, he only scored 4 points I know, but the guy has shown a marked improvement since he has come into the league last year. Especially defensively. He deserves some recognition as his presence has been very noticeable. So I am going to give him the shoutout for this one, because you could see that fire he has inside out there for every minute he was on the floor. He looks like a NBA player, and now rarely has a detrimental impact on the team. Making far more positive plays than negative ones. His heart and hustle are admirable. During the first half of the game when the team did not look like they had it, he stood out with his will to win. It will be fun to see how much he grows as a player going forward, his ceiling is high. If he is not traded he very well may be the Clippers Point Guard of the future.

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At Chicago Bulls, Friday, February 12th at 5:00PM

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