Devin Booker Hits Game-Winner To Beat Clippers 117-115


I am writing this minutes after Devin Booker snatched the soul of Clippers fans with a fadeaway game-winner. While this is ultimately a meaningless game, it’s still tough to lose like that. On a Non-Clipper note, Devin Booker is beast! Kawhi and PG split time guarding him, and he still finished with 35 and 8.

The Clippers were lackluster defensively, allowing the Suns to shoot 53% from 3. The Clippers, on the other hand, shot 29%, not a recipe for winning in today’s NBA.

On a more positive note, Ivica Zubac had himself a game (despite the turnover at the end, but we’ll leave that alone for now). Zu finished the game with 18PTS 12REB and some big buckets at the end of the game. It’s good to see Zubac get some minutes with Harrell out. I still can’t believe the Lakers gave him up for nothing.

Paul George struggled from the field, he was shooting over 60% from three before this game, so maybe he was due for a bad one. But he continues to make plays for his teammates. PG looks fully healthy for the first time since OKC, and that’s scary for the rest of the league.

Kawhi did Kawhi things and had a stretch where he had a steal and 3 clutch buckets to keep the game close in the final minutes. The dude just flips a switch and can’t be stopped. He is the Terminator, and there is no other player I want on my team when the game is on the line.

Lou Williams came back after WingGate and looked like he hadn’t played in 10 days, but the dude can get a bucket in his sleep, and he’ll be ready for the stretch run.

The game turned out to be an exciting one, even though the Clippers didn’t play their best game. They are still without Montrezl Harrell, the heart, and soul of the team, and when he gets back I expect them to take things to another level. Until then, let’s make sure we get through these 8 games healthy and ready for the playoffs.

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