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Julius Randle has been hot on the offensive end as of late. Can this be a turning point for him after a season full of struggles?

A Better Randle

As we all know, It’s been a disappointing year for Julius Randle thus far. He has not met expectations for this season and his offensive woes have hurt the team. Even though this has been the case throughout the season, over the past few games, it’s been the complete opposite. 

In the last 4 games Randle has averaged 33.5 PPG, 8.5 RPG, and 4.5 APG. He has done that while shooting over 48% from the field. This all started with his monster 46 point performance against the Sacramento Kings last monday. Whether it was scoring inside or making step back 3 pointers on the perimeter, he proved to be unstoppable offensively and his play led the Knicks to a 131-115 win on the road. Since then, Randle has been on a tear and it’s paid dividends for the Knicks. Before losing to the Grizzlies on Friday and the Nets on Sunday afternoon the Knicks were able to pull off a three game win streak. Which is something that they haven’t done since the beginning of January. Even in the losses, Randle played aggressive and was able to find a rhythm offensively. Now, his  play probably won’t mean anything when it comes to making a run at the playoffs this season but maybe it can build towards his confidence and playing at an elite level as he did last season.

All-Star Ceiling

Randle at his best is an All-Star caliber player that can have a big impact on a team. Due to his struggles this season, people forget how good of a player he can be. At this point, it’s all about his confidence and just being in the right situation. The Knicks have dealt with turmoil this season which has proven to be one of the reasons why Randle has been playing to his full potential. When you play at a high level like he has done recently, it can do wonders for his confidence moving forward. In order for the Knicks to be better in the future, Randle has to play well and with a purpose. 

With the season coming to an end in less than a month, we will see if Randle can keep this up. Hopefully, for the sake of the franchise, he can continue this tear and find a way to get back to being the Julius of old.

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