Game preview: LeBron James and the Lakers visits Toronto tonight

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Its not an enjoyable season for the Toronto Raptors. But one thing fans can enjoy is LeBron James playing tonight.

Yes, that’s right The Los Angeles Lakers are facing the Raptors tonight. Fans of the Raptors will get to see James on the court.

What does this game mean for the Lakers?

This is an important game for the Lakers as they looking to secure a spot in the postseason.

Los Angeles is currently are the ninth seed in the Western Conference. Right now, they are in the Play-In spot.

But they are a couple of wins from get a spot in the playoffs. So, with seven games left, every game counts.

If the postseason starts today, the Lakers have to beat the Golden State Warriors and beat the loser of the Phoenix Suns vs Sacramento Kings game to secure the eight seed.

Which means they will be facing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.

This is an ideal matchup for Los Angeles. Yes, Oklahoma City is the one of the best teams in the west but the Lakers are the more experienced team.

Los Angeles has been in the playoffs three of the last four seasons. Two of their three playoff appearances resulted them move past the first round.

So, facing the Thunder is the best-case scenario for the Lakers. The worst-case scenario is they face the Denver Nuggets because the Nuggets are the favourites to win the NBA championship once again.

What does this Lakers game mean for the Raptors?

As for the Raptors, fans are probably waiting for the season to be over and focus on the offseason. They are also focus on keeping their lottery pick.

If there’s one thing Toronto fans can enjoy tonight’s game is James potentially playing. As of this writing, James is listed as questionable.

The Lakers have a back-to-back which means James may only play in one of those games. Los Angeles only comes to Toronto once a season.

Raptor fans are hoping he’s playing tonight because James does not have a lot of time left in his career. So fans just want to see the king in action before he hang up his jersey in a few years.

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