Heat avoid “pitfall” in two game series vs. Pistons

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The Heat avoided a “pitfall” in their two game series vs. the Pistons. Both games were very competitive and the Heat won both games. It was needed. It was integral. The Heat broke their four game losing streak and practically, the start of the end to their season. Jimmy Butler didn’t play in yesterday’s game and wasn’t really needed. Check out the latest “13 Rules: Random NBA Thoughts on our website here from Steve Purciello. He says Terry Rozier could shoot better from three. I agree.

clarence tabb jr detroit news williams
Monty Williams is a good coach for the Pistons. (Photo credit: Clarence Tabb Jr., Detroit News)

Pitfall positive #3 — There was enough offense.

clarence tabb jr detroit news martin
Caleb Martin scored 18 points in Friday’s nights game. (Photo credit: Clarence Tabb Jr., Detroit News)

Bam Adebayo played his part as the #1 Option and averaged 21 pts and 13 rebs in the series. He had good production from Duncan Robinson as the #2 option (averaged 23 pts per game.) Caleb Martin had a solid Game 1 scoring 18 and Jaime Jaquez Jr. scored 15 on Sunday. Check out this article here from the Detroit News on Adebayo’s performance in Game 1 on Friday. The game was a “Battle of the Big men.”

Pitfall positive #2 — They didn’t lose.

clarence tabb detroit news
The Heat could’ve fallen into the pit vs. Detroit. (Photo credit: Clarence Tabb Jr., Detroit News)

Check out this article here from the Detroit News on Game 2’s buzzer beater ending. The Pistons were celebrating their 2004 Championship team at halftime. The Pistons tied the score with little time left and had the ball. Cade Cunningham tried a “Game Over” shot but he missed and that is where the Heat took advantage. All of these things could’ve gone the Pistons way on Sunday, but they didn’t.

The Heat dominated the Pistons in the paint and that is a great barometer to know if they are going to win the game. They scored 60 points on Friday and 50 on Sunday. Caleb Martin and Terry Rozier slashed and Bam dunked over everyone. Duncan Robinson will have a target on his back tonight in Philly as he is still scorching hot from dropping 30 points.

Pitfall positive #1 — Injured players can keep getting healthy.

Kevin Love, Tyler Herro are out for tonight’s game against Philadelphia. Look at this preview article here from Liberty Ballers on the game. The Sixers are 11-15 without Joel Embiid but are healthier than Miami. In this table on the sportstrac.com website here, the Heat are fourth in the NBA (and the only contending playoff team in the top 5) on the most games missed due to injury. Kyle Lowry is playing the Heat tonight for the first time since his buyout in January. Check this article out from Sixerswire.com here on how he is lending his NBA IQ to improve the game of Tyrese Maxey.

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