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NBA: Preseason Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat
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The Heat free agency report is brief. The franchise solidified their role players. They resigned Thomas Bryant and Kevin Love. They added Alec Burks. Every fan is seeing other teams busy signing players and saying Pat Riley “is asleep.” I can see (or rationalize) the activity by adding the following take.

Power Rotation has improved

New draft pick Kel’el Ware is missing ingredient in power rotation. (Photo credit: J Scott Photography)

The Heat were in “the middle of the pack” in the NBA of teams with average height. Look at this article here on the sportsnextgen.com website on average team heights. Nikola Jovic and Thomas Bryant were the only players at 6’10” or above. Now in the NBA draft, they picked up 7’0″ rim protector, Kel’el Ware. Look at my article here on the draft results. The Heat jumped up several places with this addition. Ware will be thrown into the mix of NBA games in the Fall. His quick hands and rim protection will improve Miami significantly.

Shooting and depth have improved

Zyon Pullin will help the Heat at point guard. (Photo credit: Gatorcountry.com, David Bowie)

The team was in the Top 5 last season (and the only playoff team) among teams with most games lost to injury. In the draft, the Heat picked up hot shooter and defender, Pelle Larsson. Then they signed undrafted free agent Keshad Johnson. Larsson and Johnson both have athleticism, defensive pedigrees and “high motors.” Look at this article here from zonazealots.com on Larsson and Johnson.

Alec Burks was a free agent signee for the Heat. (Photo Credit: Chris Schwegler, NBAE via Getty Images)

Zyon Pullin was also signed as an undrafted free agent. Look at this article here from Gator Country.com. Pullin is young, a good point guard with good basketball I.Q. Alec Burks is an experienced NBA player that can score and adds depth to the bench.

Heat are playing “the Long game.”

Pat Riley, in his famous 2014 end of season press conference, talked about the success of teams that “stayed together.” Look at it below. This is his point — all the players from last season will be a year hungrier and a year more experienced. The young players will learn from the elders, “how to be a professional,” and “how to win.” The Heat are, instead of going after “the whale” free agent only, getting hungry, young undrafted players and developing them.

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