Heat road games recap

Heat Road games recap
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Team finishes 7-3 overall in the road games

Recap #3: Beat down in Cleveland

Kyle Lowry had a “revival game” scoring 28 points and the Heat had 30 assists in the game to blow out Cleveland. Cleveland had beaten Denver during the week so they had enough talent on the floor to compete. The Heaters made 20 three pointers and forced 19 Cavaliers turnovers. The Cavaliers had beaten the Nuggets on Sunday and the 76ers the night before. Dru Smith, the Heat’s young point guard exploited a vulnerability in the court design of the Cavaliers. Check out this article here where Coach Spo blasted the design — Smith leapt normally on defense but did it with such force that he went outside of the court and landed on the floor below, tearing his ACL.

Recap #3: Dru Smith injured in Heat - Cavaliers game
Dru Smith is out for the season after tearing his ACL on Cleveland’s court (Photo: Ken Blaze, USA Today)

Recap #2: Heat gas out versus Knicks and collapse in 4th

Recap #2: Heat collapse versus Knicks
Immanuel Quickly sparked the Knicks comeback vs. the Heat (Photo credit: Raj Mehta, USA Today)

The Heat had a 83-62 lead with 3:26 left in the third quarter. The Knicks were throwing up bricks. But then, Emmanuel Quickley made a three point shot. He made another. Quickley’s play sparked the Knicks as he has done many times. Check this article here from Darrion Romulus on Quickley and what the Knicks have to decide with his contract. Josh Richardson made a jump shot to put Miami up 89-71 with 10:36 in the fourth. Then the Heat gassed out. They didn’t make another shot until Jimmy Butler made a foul shot to make it 90-82 with 6:33 remaining. The team started to settle for three point shots and jump shots. It gave the Knicks the window they needed to make their shots and win.

Recap #1: Brooklyn knocked Miami down to the floor

Recap #1: Brooklyn knocked Miami to the floor
Mikal Bridges and the Nets took care of business versus the Heat
(Photo credit: Mitchell Leff, Getty Images)

The Nets had won five games in a row versus Miami before they lost to them last Saturday. The Heat rested Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo for the game which made it easier for Brooklyn. The game was close for the Heat at 45-49 with 4:52 remaining. Brooklyn had it 63-53 at the half and 90-76 at the start of the fourth quarter. Check out this article here by Lucas Kaplan on Nets Daily, that is well-balanced on the game. The Nets had the Heat shorthanded and did what they needed to do, win on their home court. There are more problems though defensively for the Nets as they had given up 147 to Atlanta the Wednesday before.

All-in-all, Miami’s road trip ended 7-3 as they went 4-0 on the first part of the road trip before beating the Nets at home. I count the Nets home game as part of the road trip because the Heat could’ve easily dropped that game prepping for the road trip. Traveling and playing winning basketball on the road is critical to playoff preparation and the Heat showed a lot of resilience. They play the next three games at home against Milwaukee and Indiana.

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