Jayson Tatum: More Than Just a Scorer, His Basketball Gravity is Transformative

Jayson Tatum: More Than Just a Scorer
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This AI encapsulation, Jayson Tatum: More Than Just a Scorer, is pulled with permission from this video by Nik Land.

Jayson Tatum and the Art of Basketball Gravity

The argument that centers around Jayson Tatum’s game often focus on his scoring output. However, some are asking whether Tatum’s contributions are being correctly judged. While scoring is important, how he scores and the attention he draws on the court (also known as his “basketball gravity”) possesses significant value that goes beyond any box score. 

In a recent game against the Mavericks, for instance, Tatum drew defensive attention that created opportunities for his teammates. Boston Celtics’ supporters argue that this “gravity” displays Tatum’s value beyond his scoring contributions.

Jayson Tatum: More Than Just A Scorer: Understanding Basketball Gravity

The Mavericks’ defensive philosophy against the Celtics is a perfect case study. The Mavericks chose specific defensive strategies against Tatum, a plan they seemingly did not apply to other Celtics players. Tatum was double-teamed beyond the three-point line multiple times, a treatment that was apparent even in actions like Chicago Action, a strategy involving a player receiving a pin-down screen followed by a dribble handoff.

Tatum’s Gravity Creating Opportunities

Tatum’s gravity creates opportunities for teammates, with players able to shoot from behind the arc as they benefited from the defensive attention he commanded. This forced Mavericks’ players into uncomfortable defensive positions, compromising their ability to adequately cover other Celtics’ players.

Tricky Scenarios

Despite the defensive coverage, Tatum still managed to contribute significantly to the team’s scoring pressure. His quick, decisive moves on the court compelled the Mavericks to double team him, freeing up his teammates for open shots. Tatum’s presence on the court and his quick decision-making continually pressured the defense, stressing the necessity of rapid rotations. 

Mavericks’ Prioritization Over Tatum

Throughout the game, it was evident that the Mavericks prioritized guarding Tatum over his other Celtics teammates. Tatum drew attention on drives and even commanded the defense in transition situations, creating a numbers advantage for the Celtics on the perimeter.


Basketball gravity revolves around a player’s ability to draw opponents’ defensive focus towards themselves, freeing up teammates to score. Jayson Tatum’s gravity on the court is evident in how defenses deal with his presence, regardless of how many points he scores. A comprehensive evaluation of his game should, therefore, consider the overall impact he has on court dynamics and his ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates, not just his point total.

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