Johnny Davis will be ok

Lets just call it like it is. Johnny Davis struggled in summer league. You don’t even need to look at his stats. A quick Google search will bring up article after article about his summer league performance. As fans, it’s easy to overreact. Johnny Davis was a top 10 pick in this year’s NBA draft. Prior to be drafted, he was featured in a Taco Bell commercial. With all of that, it’s understandable that people will expect Davis to perform at a high level in summer league. Sure he struggled, but I think he will be ok once the regular season kicks into gear.

Davis only appeared in 3 summer league games before being shut down due to injury. According to Chase Hughes from NBC Sports Washington, the injury was lower back tightness. If your back has any sort of tightness, you can’t move the way you are accustomed to moving. In addition to dealing with back tightness, Davis was also adjusting to competing against NBA competition. So it made sense why Davis struggled.

But at the end of the day, we’ve only seen Johnny Davis on an NBA court for three games. That is a really small sample size. The NBA regular season doesn’t start until mid to late October. Preseason doesn’t start until early October. We are currently in mid to late July That is plenty of time for Davis to get healthy and work with the Wizards’ coaching staff. To work on any weaknesses they saw in summer league.

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Brandon Nguyen

July 19, 2022