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The Lakers (11-4) continued their home-court troubles last night by losing to those bitchass Golden State Warriors (7-6) 115-113. If there is one thing I hate in this world it is seeing the Warriors win a game. LA disappointed me greatly last night by allowing that to happen. They utterly fell apart in the fourth quarter after being ahead most of the game. Early on it looked like it very well may be a rout, as they built a 19 point lead, but some turnovers and missing 10 consecutive field attempts in a row down the stretch ultimately cost them the game. Lebron had a chance to win it with a buzzer beater 3 point shot with less than 2 seconds to go, but bricked it , and LA went home crying. Laker fans can now stop jawing about how the Clippers blew a lead against these same Warriors upstate last week, as they now have done the same thing. At home no less.


Kelly Oubre Jr. The guy played well scoring 23 points on 50% shooting. He also tallied 4 rebounds with no assists. He did play some solid defense with 2 blocks and 2 steals, as well forcing some late game turnovers that greatly helped turn the game in Golden State’s favor. He has struggled as a Warrior after being traded there, going 1 for 25 from the three point line to begin the year. Though it did not look like it last night. He brought his A game, and was instrumental in the comeback win.


Playing at home. All four of the Lakers’ losses have come at Staples Center. This is perplexing because during this LeBron era they have played stout at home. They have been so far been undefeated on the road and still have the best record in the NBA though, so it has not been all that damaging other than for team morale. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of fans in the stands or what, but the team needs to figure it out. Opposing teams need to have fear when they enter the arena, not come in smelling blood and feeling like they can steal one. The Lakers have a target on their back this year being the reigning champs and just being the Lakers and will typically get the opponent’s best game. Xo they are going to have to step up and match the opposition’s intensity if they are going to turn their troubles on their home-court around. They can’t just continue to count on their ability to turn it on at will when they need to after they get sloppy, if they want to build championship level winning habits.


Eric Paschall. He scored 19 points off the bench in 19 minutes on 8 out of 11 from the field. Scoring a point a minute is impressive for any player, let alone a sophomore player still relatively wet behind the ears. He has grown under the tutelage of the total jerk Draymond Green, and has steadily improved over the course of the season + he has played. He has remained focused and continues to play well, probably just so he doesn’t have to hear Green bark at him whenever he makes a mistake.

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