Lakers Slaughtered The Timberwolves on Saturday

Did you see those Championship rings that LeBron James and Company were showing off on Christmas Day? Those rings were as big as dinner plates and probably cost more than my house and car combined. Like Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be the King.” LeBron and The Lakers have picked up where they left off after winning the Covid Championship last year, just dominating and man handling the competition. If LeBron can stay injury free, the Lakers will win another Championship, but that all depends on LBJ.  The Lakers cruised to victory over the Mavericks on Christmas Day and continued to roll like the Crimson Tide over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday.

Kyle Kuzma was surprisingly the Lakers leading scorer with only 20 points, and the Lakers still won by 36 points, 91-127. What does this tell us? That the Lakers are playing unselfishly, playing like a team, they are letting the game come to them and not forcing the issue, that is easy to do when you have the greatest athlete of all time on your team.   All but three Laker players scored in the game. The Lakers had 29 assists to only 20 of the T-Wolves. Not surprisingly, the Timberwolves out rebounded the Lakers 41 to 38, the Lakers will get outrebounded a lot this season, because their center Anthony Davis thinks he is a shooting guard and wants to hang outside the three point line. So the Lakers are not going to be a good offensive rebounding team, LeBron led the team in rebounds with nine.  The Lakers have proven to be able to flip the switch and play lock down defense. The Lakers had 12 blocks in the game, the T-Wolves only had 3.  The Lakers shot almost 56.6 % from the field and 38% from the 3 Point Line. The T-Wolves are complete garbage, they shot 35% from the field and only twelve percent from the 3-point line, that is not going to cut it in todays NBA.

Maybe the Minnesotans should protest, again.

Moving on to tonight’s matchup against Blazers, the Lakers should beat them fairly easily, but the Blazers are a quicker team and they did beat the Lakers in one game in the Covid playoffs last season.  Portland Trail Blazers’ PaRappa The Rapper, Damian Lillard will probably play with reckless abandon against the Lakers, I know Lillard is a tremendous talent but after seeing him do the Harlem Shake dance after beating the Lakers last year, I don’t like him. I want to see Anthony Davis and LeBron James waterboard Damian Lillard using that new Gatorade flavor Bolt 24 that Lillard sponsors.

Go Lakers!

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