Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had a very bad week 10 of the 2021-22 season. The Lakers went 0-4. That included a Christmas Day loss to a depleted Brooklyn Nets team. Now, Lakers fans are quick to point out that the Lakers are also without key players. At this point in the season however, every team is limping. Every team outside of Phoenix that is. The truth is that the Lakers are in trouble. They started the season as championship favorites. Going into this game against the Rockets they find themselves in the 9th spot in the Western Conference.

Tonight’s game is not a must win in the sense that the team will be knocked out of contention if they lose. But, a loss to the team currently in last place in the conference would not be good for the Lakers. In the sense of maintaining positivity in what has been a very difficult season, this is a must win game for the Purple and Gold.

Lakers v Rockets
Lakers v Rockets

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets shared a winless week with the Lakers. This season has been a season of streaks for the Rockets. They have already had a 15 game losing streak and a seven game winning streak. They host the Lakers currently hoping to avoid a fifth straight loss. Unlike the Lakers however the Rockets had no championship aspirations at the start of the 2021-22 season. The Rockets are rebuilding and would no doubt love to be playoff contention. Tonight, they will try to deliver another punch to the Lakers gut.

Lakers v Rockets
Lakers v Rockets

Dimers Deliberation

Our partner site has the Lakers as the favorites tonight in Houston. I have not always agreed with Dimers, but on this one I agree. The lakers need this game much more than the Rockets do. When you add into that mix the fact that the Lakers still employ LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, well, this will be a Lakers victory. Nothing for the Lakers has come easy this season and I don’t expect tonight’s game to be any different. The Rockets are young, hungry and not a bad team. They just lack the talent to beat a team like the Lakers. Baring an above average game by the young Rockets, and Christian Wood specifically, this will be a W for the Lakers.

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Lakers v Rockets Lakers v Rockets Lakers v Rockets


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