Los Angeles Clippers: AI Previews Their Season


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay! You know what else, it’s getting smarter. We partnered with Bard, Google’s AI platform, last season during the Finals. We will continue to work with the machine as it continues to learn. Today we asked the super computer to crunch its numbers and tell us about the Los Angeles Clippers’ chances to win it all in the 2023-23 NBA season.

Bard Speaks

According to sportsbooks, the Los Angeles Clippers have a 5.5% chance of winning the NBA Finals in the 2023-24 season. This puts them in fifth place behind the Denver Nuggets (+450), Boston Celtics (+400), Milwaukee Bucks (+380), and Golden State Warriors (+350).

The Clippers have a talented roster led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. However, they have struggled to stay healthy in recent seasons. If Leonard and George can stay on the court, the Clippers will be a contender. However, if they suffer any major injuries, it will be difficult for them to win a championship.

Other factors that could affect the Clippers’ chances include their performance in the regular season and their matchups in the playoffs. If the Clippers can finish in the top two seeds in the Western Conference, they will have a better chance of avoiding the top teams in the early rounds of the playoffs. However, if they finish in the middle of the pack, they will likely have to face a tough opponent in the first round.

Overall, the Clippers have a good chance of winning the NBA Finals in the 2023-24 season. However, there are a number of factors that could affect their chances, including their health, their performance in the regular season, and their matchups in the playoffs.

Overall, that is a solid overview. Health has certainly been a factor for the Clippers over the last several years. Another year older doesn’t mean they are all more likely top stay healthy. Playoff seeding and matchups are also a key factor. Not bad for an insentient being. We will have a more detailed human preview of the Clippers chances soon!

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