Los Angeles Clippers beat the Bulls in an Offensive Showdown

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Every team in the Association will be blown out at least once this season. It’s just something that happens. For the Los Angeles Clippers however, as we have mentioned before, it’s happened in the biggest state. It’s happened more than once. If you lie once, that doesn’t make you a liar, but if you lie over and over again, well then the shoe fits. For the Clippers, losing games where they led big is a shoe that sadly fits pretty snugly.

Coming off a big loss where they had a big lead, this game against the Bulls wasn’t must win, but they didn’t want to lose. Believe me when I say they didn’t want to lead by 20+ then come from ahead to lose…again. This wasn’t must win, but it was absolutely a we-better-not-lose game. I understand that doesn’t make 100% sense, but I think you get my meaning. Thankfully, for Clippers fans and players alike, the Clippers held on in what was an exciting game, 130-127.

Star of the Game

The Clippers stars, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard took turns being spectacular in this game. Leonard had 7pts. in the 1st quarter. George led the duo with 8pts. in the 2nd. The third was all Klaw; he put 21 points on 8-9 shooting! PG finished the final quarter with 9pts. In todays NBA you least at least two superstars to content for the Larry OB. The Clippers no doubt have them and in this game, both were needed.

Biggest Concern

The locker-room is a fragile place. It’s the job of the coach to keep everyone happy. Well, not the but certainly one job. Coach Ty Lue saddled both Patrick Patterson and Reggie Jackson with DNP-CD’s in this game. PatPat had been playing well and Jackson was getting solid minutes. Over the course of a season a coach is going to tinker with lineups, both to see how things play out and also due to the aforementioned keeping everyone happy thing. The key is how those players respond. Hopefully, both PatPat and Jackson see the big picture and don’t take offense to not breaking a sweat tonight.

Surprise Contribution

I will admit it is weird to give him this game title, but the surprise contribution tonight goes to Lou Williams. Partially, because of his offense – which has not been up to Lou Williams standards. He is averaging only 8.9pts which is 10 less than he averaged just last season. But, in this game he contributed 21pts. The real surprise though is not when Williams scores, but when he defends. Tonight, he locked down when needed and had 3 steals!

I looked up his career high in steals out of curiosity and found that in a game almost 3 years ago, January 20th 2018 against the Utah Jazz he had 10 steals. He also had 31pts and 7asts. in that game so…wow. Maybe a measly 3 steals isn’t that big a surprise after all!

Next Up

Wednesday, January 13th vs the New Orleans Pelicans

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