Los Angeles Clippers Keep the Rockets Grounded

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The Los Angeles Clippers (43-19) barely came away with a win last night against the Houston Rockets (15-45) 109-104 at Toyota Center. This game should not have been this close. The Clippers played unenthused and uninspired the entire game as if they thought they would just come in there and win without any effort. The Rockets have literally the worst record in the league, and the LAC played down to their level most of the way. The Clippers were shorthanded once again, but that is no excuse. They seemed to be sleepwalking through this game. They had an absolutely horrendous 3rd quarter, only scoring 11 points. Somehow, some way the Clippers were still in the game come the 4th. They stepped up their effort on the defensive end, and combined with some terrific play from Reggie Jackson where he scored 13 points in the frame, they scraped away with a win. If there is such thing as a disappointing W, this would be one.


Paul George and his 33 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. It’s hard to toot Paul’s horn too much in this win. He may have scored over 30 again, but it was on 10 out of 27 shooting. George also had a whopping 7 turnovers and was a -3 in the +/- category. He was the leading scorer in the game and he got his team the W, so he gets the game ball. It’s probably one he would want to toss immediately after though.


The Clippers lack of effort. For most of the game the Clippers played down to the level of the worst team in the league. They played with the attitude that they could turn it on at the end of the game and still come away with the win. Although that did happen in the end, it is not something you want to see. It does not help develop good winning habits. I know it can be hard to get up for every single game in a long regular season, but even so the Clippers are too talented to have let this game be as close as it was throughout.


Demarcus Cousins and his 11 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists. Boogie is on his second 10 day contract with the team, and he just had his best game with them so far. He was actually with the Rockets to begin the year, and he played like he wanted them to regret parting with him. He bullied his way to making 5 out of 7 shots, and took a couple of charges. Without Serge Ibaka right now, the Clippers need help down low, and so he very well may have earned himself a place on the team for the remainder of the year.

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