Miami Heat 2024 draftees

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The Miami Heat 2024 draftees are promising. The Heat didn’t waste any time upgrading the front court and then picked 3 & D wing players. Donovan Mitchell hasn’t signed an extension with Cleveland yet, so these draftees may be on the move. But for now, they are members of the Heat. I myself like the frontcourt upgrade because he’s a rim protector and can defend. Let’s meet the new Heaters.

1st round, pick 15 — Kel’el Ware, C, Indiana

Big man that can defend. I like it. (Photo credit: Matt Krohn, USA Today)

In a name that evokes the mythical planet, Krypton, Kel’el Ware is a 7’0 big man. Look at this article here from on his scouting report. The first things that jump out at me is “solid offensive rebounder,” “active defender/rim protector,” “good free throw shooter.” This is a quintessential Heat player and would be able to contribute immediately in short minutes. The team already has a “Chris Bosh-like” shooter in Bam Adebayo. Read my article here on the fantasy if Bosh doesn’t get blood clots.

But Bam needs an enforcer to take the pressure off of him in the post. Similar to the role PJ Brown took with Alonzo Mourning. PJ did the dirty work with Zo, so that Zo could score and look good on camera. Most likely he’ll start in the G-League after Summer League, but the Heat did well to pick him.

2nd round — Pelle Larson, SG/SF, Arizona

3 & D all the way. (Photo credit: Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

He is a 3 & D wing player. Look at this article here from The first things that jump out are that “he hustles at both ends of the floor,” “he can play off-the-ball,” and “demonstrates unselfish ball movement.” That is something that the Heat need more of and less “ball sticking,” where the offense gets stagnant. That happened too many times in games last year and it led to losing big leads.

Undrafted signee — Keshad Johnson, SG/SF, Arizona

High motor player and athletic. (Photo credit: Rob Kinnan, USA Today sports)

The guy has a 31.5 vertical leap and a plus four wingspan (6’10) according to this article here on That is what? Defense, athleticism, “constant motor.” He will definitely go to G-League and then be a “plug-in-play” guy for the team when there are injuries. Read the article link above for more undrafted signees.

Donovan Mitchell trade opportunity art has Mitchell looking good in a Heat jersey. (Credit:

Apparently the probability of Donovan Mitchell coming to Miami is 50/50. There is this article on here talks up Mitchell being the “Dream” for the Heat. Another article here from has the Heat losing out on Mitchell as he may sign an extension with Cleveland. Miami is building a good, young core and improving on their “lack of athleticism.” They have been criticized for this in recent years.

Finding a way to swing Donovan Mitchell would propel Miami to the top of the East to compete with Boston. But, quietly, the Heat are developing a “life after Jimmy Butler” plan. I’m glad for the Ware pick and am excited to see him in Summer League.

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