Move on from Rose?

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The Knicks are likely to make some changes during the offseason. Can parting ways with Derrick Rose be one of them?

What Can Happen

Derrick Rose was a huge part of last season’s success and proved that he still can be an effective guard in today’s NBA. There’s not much you can really say about his play this season due to the fact that he’s been out since December with an ankle injury. In the 26 games he has played, Rose averaged 12 PPG, 4 APG, and 3 RPG while shooting nearly 45% from the field. Since being out, he did suffer a setback with his injury that will ultimately keep him out for the rest of this season. Last summer, the Knicks signed Rose to a 3 yr/$43 million dollar contract. The hope was that he will continue to be the great veteran presence for the team. Now, Rose should be able to bounce back from this injury and play next season.

But it’s possible that he won’t be in a Knicks uniform.

Rose As Trade Bait

Rose’s ability on the court when healthy should never be a concern. But, with the state that the Knicks are in, he can be a moving piece. It’s not a secret that the Knicks need a star level point guard in order to find some success in the future. Guards around the league such as De’Aaron Fox, Dejounte Murray and Damian Lillard have been brought up in trade rumors in relation to the Knicks. If the Knicks do take a shot at trading for these guards, Derrick Rose will likely be one of the assets involved in a deal.

Rose is one of the main players on the Knicks that can be used for trade bait due to the interest teams will have for his services. Also, with only two years left on his contract, teams won’t have to pay a high price in regards to cap space. Overall, Rose’s trade value is something to keep an eye on going into this offseason. But that’s’ not the only reason why Rose can be on the move.

Knicks Young Talent

The Knicks are a team that has their fair share of young talent. They hope those young players will be successful for years to come. With Rose being one of the oldest players on the team at age 33, it’s possible that he won’t be in the Knicks future plans. Which is the reason why he did not get a long term deal. Now, I’m not saying that the Knicks should move him because he is aging. But there is a chance that he might want to part ways.

With the possibility of Coach Thibodeau being fired and the big changes that can be on the way in the offseason, The Knicks are signaling for a rebuild which might not be in Rose’s best interest. Due to his injuries and age, winning a championship is something that Rose could have on his mind. That won’t happen with this Knicks team anytime soon. In the end, this is just speculation. But, don’t be surprised if Rose wants a change of scenery according to upcoming decisions the organization makes.

This is a sticky situation to be in if you are Derrick Rose. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months.

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Move on from Rose? Move on from Rose? And Move on from Rose?

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