NBA Random Summer Thoughts


1.I understand the Knicks signing Jalen Brunson because he is a good player and will help them. I also understand wanting Donovan Mitchell. I have a few problems though. One, by giving up players and draft picks it still won’t get them a championship. Another problem is they would have a small backcourt that would have a problem defensively. Finally, when and if the Knicks trade a contract the addition of Mitchell would put them close to the salary cap. They still need more to have a shot at a championship.

2. All the talk of Boston trading Jaylen Brown in a package for Kevin Durant is a mistake for Boston. The Warriors just won a title with much of their team home grown. Fans love to see players stay with their team for a long period of time. Trading Brown, a homegrown player, only 25 for a 34 year old is crazy. Boston almost won a title with this home grown team and they have a window of quite a few years as a title contender. With Durant the window is only two or three years and couple this with trading their heart and soul, Marcus Smart, makes it a mistake.

3. The Spurs trading Dejounte Murray is tough to understand. If they are tanking for the first pick, they would only have a 25% chance at getting it so It only makes sense if they are trying to avoid the dreaded middle of the pack syndrome and are starting a complete rebuild.

4. The Lakers problem with Russell Westbrook is simple. They are having problems trading him because no team really wants him unless they attach a first round draft pick. The Lakers don’t have one until 2027.

5. Giving Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard huge contracts is silly. Both are good players, however, their teams aren’t title contenders and their salaries will eat up a large percentage of the salary cap. This makes it difficult to acquire other players that will help them become a title contender.

6. What’s up with Miami. They were a Jimmy Butler 3 from going to the Finals but haven’t made any moves this summer. Knowing Pat Riley and his history something big will happen.

7. Detroit and Orlando are building good teams. Both continue to amass talent through the draft. They aren’t a playoff team yet but just need time as their players mature and they will be.

NBA Random Summer Thoughts NBA Random Summer Thoughts NBA Random Summer Thoughts

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