NBA Western Conference Rankings – Week 4

Is the Western Conference going to be a two team race? I doubt it. Although, the Rockets are making me look bad by being so good. The team from Houston moves up while the team from the Golden State is destroying teams on the regular after a slow start.

I’m not sold on the Pelicans, but scoreboard does not lie. This might be the season DeMarcus Cousins gets to play his first playoff game. The Nuggets strike me as the team most likely to implode.

Weird to see the Clippers come in at 8 with a 5-7 record but when you consider that they were 10-2 after twelve games last year it may not be a bad thing. The team fizzled quickly after a hot start, maybe this time they catch fire at the right time?

The Lakers are 5-8 but are in most of the games the play. More important, they seem to care on the defensive end from time to time which is a huge improvement from last season. They start two pretty impressive rookies so the future is indeed bright for the Purple & Gold.

The Kings will not be a playoff team, but they are too well coached and talented to be sliding in at 15. 

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