New York Knicks: Cause for Concern?

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The Knicks suffered a really bad loss in Game 2 on Tuesday. Is this a sign the Knicks should be worried about heading back to the Garden?

Talk about a nightmare performance. After winning game 1 in such spectacular fashion down the stretch, the Knicks were an absolute train wreck in Game 2, as they suffered a 107-90 loss in Cleveland. The Knicks were in good shape after the first quarter only being down by 3 points but from that point on, things took a turn for the worse. They got completely blitzed on both sides of the floor in the 2nd quarter and the Cavs continued to pour it on in the second half. The Knicks shot a woeful 36.7 % from the field for the game while also shooting only 24.1% from behind the arc.

Difference Makers

Cleveland’s  guards proved to be the difference makers in this game as they were able to shoot efficiently and move the ball effectively against the Knicks defense. Darius Garland tallied 32 points and 7 assists while shooting 8-17 from the field. Donovan Mitchell scored 17 points while dishing out a career high 13 assists and Caris LeVert was able to provide a spark off the bench scoring 24 points. The Knicks key to success for this series is slowing down the Cavs guards. They were able to do a good job with this in Game 1. That wasn’t this case in Game 2, which led to the blowout loss.

This game might have been one of the worst games of the season for the Knicks but it shouldn’t be a reason to worry about how the rest of this series might go.

Now that the first two games are in the rearview mirror, The Knicks head to the Garden for Games 3 and 4 this weekend. Even though Game 2’s loss was a bad one, they were still able to split the first two games and have a prime opportunity to really take control of this series at home. This should be the focus. If the Knicks can leave Game 2 in the past and mimic some of the things they did in Game 1, they should be able to take control of this series. With the series tied at 1 game a piece, what happened in the first two games doesn’t matter anymore. The stakes are higher for this Knicks team now especially with them  playing in front of their home crowd.

We’ll see if they’ll answer the call.


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