New York Knicks: The Reddish Struggle

Cam Reddish hasn’t been much of a factor thus far this season. Can he change it around and prove that he is worthy?

Besides his 22 point performance in the season opening thriller against the Grizzlies, Cam Reddish hasn’t been able to match that level of production. Since the season opener, Reddish has averaged 5.4 while shooting a little bit over 43% from the field. Even though he doesn’t get a lot of shot attempts , he’s averaging about 19 minutes per game which is key coming off the bench.

When you watch Cam Reddish out on the floor you can see the potential that he has as a scorer in this league. But it’s not on full display on a consistent bases. Whether it’s Coach Thibodeau giving him more of an opportunity on the offensive end or him just being more aggressive when he’s out on the floor. Reddish needs to become more of a presence out on the floor if wants the Knicks to invest in him in the future.

Contract Time

With this year being the last year of Reddish’s rookie contract, It’s crucial that he starts performing up to his potential. It’s highly unlikely that he will receive an extension from the Knicks before the deadline so this is a do or die situation for him this year. Even though injuries have been an issue for him since he was drafted in 2019, Reddish has been an up and down kind of player in terms of production. He has averaged 10.4 PPG and 3.2 RPG while shooting 39% from the field throughout his career. Those numbers aren’t bad but it’s not what was expected from him coming out of Duke.

If he continues not to live up to expectation this season, it’s possible that he wont be playing valuable minutes for the Knicks or any team next season. Luckily, we are only six games into the new NBA season so he does have time to make it right. With Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, and Derrick Rose being the main options for the Knicks coming off the bench, it will be a uphill battle for Reddish to try and show what he is capable of but he and Coach Thibodeau need to figuring ways for him to be effective on floor. His future depends on it.


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