New York Knicks: What to Expect

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New York Knicks Expectations

The 2023-2024 Knicks campaign is set to kickoff this week. What should the Knicks expectations be for this season?

After having an exciting bounce back season, The Knicks didn’t make any major moves in the offseason. The only notable addition they made was signing SG Donte DiVincenzo to a 4 yr $50 million dollar contract in free agency. They also re-signed SG Josh Hart to a 4 yr $81 million dollar extension to remain with the team. Even with some of the big trade rumors surrounding this team, the Knicks kept their young core intact and are looking to build upon last season’s success.

East seeding

Now, when it comes to the standings in the Eastern Conference, The Knicks should still be in the top 5. I see the potential for them to be in the Top 3. With the big blockbuster trades the Bucks and Celtics made this offseason, they might be a lock for the first two seeds. Besides that, the third seed and beyond could be up for grabs. I can’t see the Knicks going below the 5th seed. If they get off to a hot start, a 3rd seed is very possible.

Cleveland and Miami can’t be ignored. But with James Harden likely to be traded from the 76ers, it’s fair to say that the Knicks can be around a 50 win team while clinching home court advantage in the playoffs. Last season, The Knicks proved that they can be a dangerous team. They can go on win streaks through a season. Due to how the Eastern Conference is currently constructed, I expect them to duplicate this throughout the year while being seeded at least in the Top 5.

All Star Brunson

Jalen Brunson was one of the biggest All Star snubs last season. I don’t think that will be the case a second year in the row. Brunson proved that he was worthy of an All Star selection with his performance in the playoffs and I expect that to continue this season. Brunson will have the ultimate green light on this offense the same way he did a season ago. If you combine that with how motivated he is to win, an all star selection should be in his future. With the profound impact that he has had on the Knicks so far, it will be hard to deny him as an All Star if he continues to have that impact.

6th man of the year for Quickley/Hart

With Immanuel Quickley nearly winning the award last year and Hart’s impact, I expect one of them to take home the award this year. Quickley’s is instant offense! With him now becoming a free agent after this season, he will be out there trying to prove his worth. I expect him to up his PPG average to around 17 points. If he can also increase his assist numbers that should put him at the forefront to win the award.

On the other hand, I can see Josh Hart continuing to impact the game on both ends on the floor. He might not have better scoring numbers than Quickley but with him potentially playing some small ball minutes at the PF position, Hart’s hustle and energy can be something that help make his case for the award. I’m leaning more towards Quickley to win the award. But Hart can be sort of a “ dark horse” candidate to win it as well.

A possible ECF birth

The Knicks should be able to be a competitive second round playoff off team that has a chance to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. It might be a long shot but it is possible, especially if Julius Randle can overcome his playoff struggles. Playoff basketball is all about being hot at the right time which is something that this Knicks roster is capable of. If they can figure out how to make it clique at the right time, they can be dangerous. It might be a tall climb to make the Conference finals but they should definitely be one of the teams that’s in the mix.

In the end, these are all just expectations. It’s time to see if those expectations will become reality. Let’s get this show on the road.

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New York Knicks Expectations

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