Pau Gasol Reuniting with the Lakers?

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A Pau Gasol return to the Lakers is at least a possibility, is that a good thing?

The NBA is back and so is the all the crazy takes and click bait that comes along with sports. Thankfully, this publication is filled with serious sports fans not trying to get gimmick clicks for views with off the wall headlines. That is, in my opinion, exactly what a reunion involving Pau Gasol and the Lakers is.

For starters, Gasol has not participated in the NBA this season, last playing 3 games with the Bucks in 2019 before a foot injury derailed his season. He then signed with but was not quite able to recover from the foot injury.

So, why is reuniting with the Lakers such a bad idea? First, at age 39, Pau’s best years are behind him. Over the last couple of years, he indeed has proved that he could be a solid contributor off the bench, but the Lakers bench is filled with younger, more talented big men. JaVale McGee, Dwight Howard, are already battling for minutes at the center position, plus let’s not forget that there is a chance at a return for talented big man DeMarcus Cousins to return as well.

Trevor Lane of posted a video on YouTube indicating that a Lakers reunion would be an attractive idea to Pau but then goes to debunk the idea, and in fact stating that the Lakers could not count on Paul Gasol. He says he can only play for 10 minutes and not even every night.

Pau is a Lakers great indeed. It’s no doubt his basketball acumen is tremendous and would serve well for most teams during a playoff run. However, this Lakers team is not most NBA teams. It is a team filled with Championship pedigree, vast coaching experience, leaders, ballers and versatile players. Nostalgia has it’s limits, and this is the case with Pau Gasol, in Lakersland his services are not needed.

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