Prediction for the Lakers season

Prediction for the Laker's season

My prediction for the Laker’s season is one of tempered optimism, this year. On Paper this team looks amazing. They have five players that will eventually be in the hall of fame, in LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. Granted only two of the five are still be in their prime, in Russ and AD. The other three you could argue, are in the “twilight of their careers”, and most people won’t disagree. The thing is though, those three look like they have more left in the tank than I have ever seen anyone have, at this stage in their careers.

It’s pretty impressive.

LeBron and The Fountain of Youth

I keep expecting to see LeBron start to slip, at his age. It’s what I expect to see, after all. I saw Kareem Abdul-Jabbar turn into a shell of himself in his final two years. Then there was Shaquille O’Neal getting passed around between contending teams in his final years. Never able to recapture his old self. There was also Michael Jordan in Washington, with not much more than his deadly fadeaway shot left. The last one has been blocked out of a lot of people’s minds, but I digress. The bottom line is LeBron, along with Tom Brady somehow, has found some sort of fountain of youth. It’s insane, and almost unfair.

Melo and Dwight Still Look Formidable

Melo, and Dwight are at least closer to what I expect for players their age. That being said, they still look better than so many other players, at this stage in their career. Melo can still create a shot, and he’s learned to be a pretty good spot up shooter, in recent years. Dwight is still a force downlow, and a great rim protector. If those two can stay healthy the Laker’s will be a tough matchup for a lot of teams.

So, What’s My Prediction for the Laker’s this Season?

I think they will finish with a record of 51-31. That will give them the number three seed, behind Phoenix and Utah. I believe they will face Phoenix in the WCF, and have a chance to exact some revenge for last year. They will then face Brooklyn in the Finals, and win championship number eighteen in an exciting and closely contested finals.

Are you as excited for the season as I am?

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