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The NBA will be celebrating their 75th birthday this season. So whenever the league celebrates a quarter poll mark of their history, something magical happens.

For the leagues 25th year of existence during the 1971-1972 season, the Los Angeles Lakers led by Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain set a then NBA record 69 wins including 33 straight that still stands today.

While for the 50th year in the 1996-1997 season, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls repeated as NBA champions posting a 69 win total that season. So does history repeat itself again with a team winning 69 games and the title?

Who will take away the MVP award?

Who will officially take the throne as the undisputed title of best player in the world?

Best Record In The League: Milwaukee Bucks

Who would’ve thought that the defending NBA champions would be a dark horse contender for the best record in the league. It’s the result of when you have a egoless superstar that is unbothered by other players having the limelight. That your team can easily be overlooked despite winning the title last season.

The Bucks core of Giannis, Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton will all improve from the experiences of going through the grind of winning a title together. Plus they are the only team in the Eastern Conference that doesn’t have any questions or concerns to key starters coming off injuries.

In Brooklyn and Philly they are dealing with the Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons situation. While in Miami they are incorporating Kyle Lowery. Then in Atlanta they are still waiting to see when De’Andre Hunter will come back after offseason knee surgery. The Bucks in two out of the last 3 seasons had the best record in basketball. They have an understanding on how vital it is to have home-court advantage in the East this season despite winning Game 7 on the road last year against the Nets.

Out West the Lakers are the head and shoulders favorite in the conference. Though will strategically tank some games by resting LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. Understanding that it’s about being healthy heading into the playoffs as oppose of where they will sit in the standings.

On FanDuel the best value bet for best record in the league is the Phoenix Suns at +1100. But the Bucks sitting at +350 is a guarantee money in the bank pick for the 2021-2022 season.

Most Valuable Player In The League: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Yes this is pro Milwaukee Bucks article so far but the proof is in the facts. These have been Giannis’ stats the last 4 seasons:

2017-201826.9 PPG10 TRB4.8 ASTon 52.9% from the field
2018-201927.7 PPG12.5 TRB5.9 ASTon 57.8% from the field
2019-202029.5 PPG13.6 TRB5.6 AST&on 55.3% from the field
2020-202128.1 PPG11 TRB5.9 ASTon 56.9% from the field

Each of the last 4 seasons Giannis has put up MVP worthy numbers yet after he won the back to back MVP award in 2019 and 2020. Though the league needed Giannis to prove it in the playoffs before they can bestow another MVP trophy in his case. Very similar to all of the iconic players that have won 3 or more league MVPs, they all win them in a short time period. LeBron won his 4 MVPs in a 5 year span, Larry Bird won 3 consecutive MVPs and Magic Johnson won his 3 MVPs in a 4 year span.

Giannis is the most guarantee bet of production and wins in the entire NBA this season. He’s going to average from 27-30 PPG, 11-13 TRB, 5-6 AST on 50% plus from the field, and as long as the Bucks are in contention for the best record in the league, Giannis won’t have to face splitting votes the way both KD and LeBron will have to deal with on their respective teams. FanDuel has Giannis at +700 for winning league MVP, this is another steal bet to help boost your bank account.

NBA Champions: Brooklyn Nets over Los Angeles Lakers in 7 Games

A rivalry that has been a decade in the making spanning over 3 different teams for both LeBron James and Kevin Durant, will come ahead in the summer of 2022. Both teams have loaded up with superstar names and more importantly superstar games. This will be a collusion course only Hollywood could script. The storylines of former teammates battling it out on the sports biggest stage, whether its Kyrie Irving vs LeBron James or Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook and even James Harden vs Russell Westbrook.

The firepower will be tremendous, but unfortunately for LeBron and Laker fans everywhere, they won’t have enough bullets in the chamber to keep up with the firepower the Brooklyn Nets will be having. This series will be filled with epic performances from both teams, but in the end Kevin Durant will finally achieve what he has been searching for his entire life; Undisputed Crown and Title as the Best Player In The World.

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