Preview points: Miami Heat next four games

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The Miami Heat will play the Hornets and the Bulls into two, two game series with three of the four games at the Kaseya Center. The Heat beat the Hornets tonight 116-114 to win the road game. The Hornets played well and overcame a 14 point deficit twice. The Hornets played tough the whole game and had a chance to win late. No doubt, the team will be ready for Miami on Wednesday. The Bulls and Heat already had a two game series earlier this season and Miami got upset one game. Here are some points to watch out for in the next three games.

charlotte hornets twitter
The Hornets played the Heat tough tonight. (Credit: Charlotte @Hornets twitter)

Preview point #3: Miami has to score more in the fourth quarter

Miami is terrible scoring in the fourth quarter. Check out the rankings here from as the Heat are 28th at 25 points per game every fourth quarter. Jimmy Butler had two crucial turnovers in the fourth quarter that kept Charlotte in the game. Charlotte conversely, is 3rd in fourth quarter scoring at 31 points. The Heat offense sorely miss Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro. Terry Rozier had a double double with 31 points and 12 assists, Gordon Heyward scored 7 points in the fourth and Charlotte outscored Miami 37-27.

Preview point #2: The Heat need to win all four of these games

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The Bulls have problems. (Photo credit: NBAE via Getty Images)

The Heat have a game against Minnesota and against Orlando after these. Miami has had trouble playing those teams so the young players need inspiration. The old players need to sit out in the fourth quarter, etc., etc. Read this article here from Sports Illustrated on Bam Adebayo’s hip injury. Spo is holding Bam out for his own good, showing some forward thinking since it is December. In this write up on here, there is still no timetable for Tyler Herro’s return. The young players and mid-line players for the Heat need to get confidence.

Preview point #1: The Heat need to win rebounding in the next games

NBA: Preseason Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat
Thomas Bryant needs to help the Heat. (Rich Storry, USA Today)

The Heat are 28th in the league in rebounding at 40 rebounds per game. There are 11 teams above Miami that rebound more per game and have a losing record. Teams have been able to beat the Heat by dominating them on the glass. They secure rebounds and keep alive possessions, the defense tires, the Heat are shorthanded so it’s academic. Thomas Bryant played at center tonight and needs to help. Here is my article on our site on Christmas wishes. Thomas Bryant is a player that needs to play a pivotal role with Bam Adebayo out.

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