Random NBA Thoughts

  1. The NBA definition of insanity is the Lakers and the Celtics not making any moves (trades) and expecting success. The chemistry isn’t working for both teams and change needs to happen. It seems Westbrook is hurting the Lakers and Boston’s fourth quarter problem execution is hurting them. The Lakers need to build around LeBron with shooters. Boston needs a tough veteran, preferably a point guard.
  2. I don’t quite understand where the Knicks are going with Kemba. I know they were ripped with Covid last week but using him for forty minutes a game is crazy. Don’t forget he has a problem with his left knee. Using him that much has to wear him down. Last year he didn’t play back to backs. When he becomes worn down or injured what do you do then.
  3. The Miami Heat can develop players better than any team in the NBA. Take a look at what they’ve done with Duncan Robinson and Bam. Now look at how Max Strus, Omer Yurtseven and Caleb Martin are developing. Other teams need to learn from their success.
  4. Is it me or is Joel Embiid the biggest bully in the league. Over the years I’ve seen him instigate numerous conflicts. The interesting thing is that when somebody stands up to him he wants no part of it. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player but the bullying needs to go.
  5. When you watch the Lakers the tendency is to feel sorry for LeBron. He’s the aging superstar that needs help but isn’t getting it. Keep in mind though nothing gets done by Lakers management without his approval and he approved of Westbrook.
  6. Many people don’t like people that think they are smarter than we are. Is that a good description of Kyrie Irving.
  7. Teams that are successful over the long haul have good ownership and good management. Where does that put Sacramento.
  8. Cleveland with their two bigs (Mobley and Allen) lineup have been successful. Will that start a new/old trend where teams begin to copy this.

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