Random NBA Thoughts #3

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  1. If you are wondering why Atlanta is losing look at their defense. They have lost three of their last four and in each loss they’ve given up over 130 points. It seems that success for teams usually starts on the defensive end and Atlanta isn’t playing it well. (Editors Note: This was meant to be posted yesterday – my fault it wasn’t. The Hawks, to their credit, held the Kings to 102 points in a win last night. But, that four game stretch mentioned here was pretty brutal!]
  2. It would be helpful if the Nets got a big man that can block shots and defend. When the playoffs begin players like Joel Embiid will be able to do what they please against them. Teams that have success in the postseason usually have true centers on their team. Look at last years finals teams, Milwaukee with Lopez and Phoenix with Ayton. That’s not to say your five can’t shoot threes but he also needs to body up against other bigs and be able to close the lane defensively.
  3. The recent problems Houston is having with Kevin Porter Jr. and Christian Wood make me ask a question. Are they the type of players you can win with.
  4. The NBA and the Union need to do something about players who break rules and still get paid. There is a large contingent of fans that work hard for their money and resent paying for tickets to see this.
  5. Indiana’s team, a group of good but not great players doesn’t work. In the NBA, to win, a team needs a star to lead the good players they have.
  6. Orlando though not very good is developing a decent nucleus. They are young but players like Cole Anthony, Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs have a good future. Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz, though injured, also have potential.
  7. Is Fred VanVleet one of the most entertaining players in the league. Even if you don’t like the team you have to enjoy him. His accuracy from three coming off the catch is amazing.
  8. If you haven’t seen it take a look at Kyle Kuzma‘s clutch three point shooting. He single handedly has beaten Cleveland and Charlotte with clutch threes in the last minute of those games.

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