Random NBA Thoughts #5

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  1. Julius Randle, if you criticize the fans in New York it’s a long road to win them back. BTW Knick fans that are disappointed this year, ask yourself who on your team is an All Star. I’ll say RJ Barrett is good, and about to be the face of the team, but is he an All Star? To win consistently in the NBA you need stars no matter how good your coach is.
  2. Poor Joel Embiid, he’s having a great year but he needs help. How many years could he be at his peak, please Philly do something now before it is too late. I understand Philly doesn’t want to give away Simmons but they have to realize their coach (Doc Rivers) are the ones that criticized him and hurt his value. If you watched the playoffs and saw him pass up the dunk against Atlanta and watched him shoot foul shots in that series you have to have your doubts.
  3. If Charlotte had a legit big they would be a top four team in the East. Mason Plumlee is a nice back up big but not a starter on a top team.
  4. I loved watching Jayson Tatum going off yesterday however to be a star you need to be more consistent. I’m not saying score 50 every night but I am saying getting 20 every night. Here’s hoping he’s beginning to figure it out and he becomes consistent because he’s quite talented.
  5. After reading about what Indiana wants in a trade for Lavert, Sabonis and Turner I had to check the standings. What they are asking isn’t equal to them having the thirteenth best record in the Eastern Conference.
  6. Injuries can change a season, just ask Golden State. Here’s hoping Draymond returns healthy soon. I hope all those who don’t think Draymond is a Hall of Famer are noticing how Golden State struggles without him.
  7. New Orleans has been playing well lately and has some nice pieces. If only Zion was healthy this year. Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas are good players and if you add Zion you’ve got a playoff team.

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Random NBA Thoughts #5 Random NBA Thoughts #5

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