Random NBA Thoughts #7

  1. I was wrong about the Clippers. I thought they were dangerous with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. What I’m realizing is teams need continuity and that means your stars don’t miss a lot of games. If things don’t improve this year I can see the Clippers making big changes.
  2. Nic Claxton was a big reason the Nets were winning. He has become the big man they needed. His intimidating presence around  the basket made the Net defense work. When Kevin Durant returns, the Nets with Claxton are a dangerous team.
  3. When I watch Toronto play I expect them to be much better. Their individual pieces are much better than the whole team results wise. Nick Nurse, who I consider one of the best coaches in the league, is an innovative coach. If things don’t improve changes should be happening.
  4. The Lakers without Anthony Davis are an interesting team. They have figured out how to play well and lose usually on the last shot. When Davis returns and if they continue to play hard they will be tough to handle. It looks like they may be figuring out how to play together.
  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and in this case the Indiana Pacers really miss Tyrese Haliburton. They have struggled since he was injured. Is there any question about him being worthy of a spot on the All Star Team.
  6. Atlanta with all of their internal problems seems to have turned it around. They have won four in a row and are making their move to be a non play-in team. Winning is the best cure for any problems a team may have internally.
  7. If you watched last week’s Dallas v Lakers game and read the last two minute report, you realized the NBA has an official problem. As I have written before with the large turnover of officials in the last few years the NBA has a problem. It will take some time until these officials gain experience. This means the problem in the Lakers v Mavs game will happen again.


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