Random NBA Thoughts #8

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  1. If OG Anunoby is the prize I’m confused. He is a really good defensive player and can score. A wing three and D player teams covet. However if a team is giving up as much draft capital and players as reported I’m stumped. He isn’t the big time star that will get you into the title conversation (looking at you Knicks) but a solid third or fourth player on a team with a top ten player in the league.
  2. The Miami Heat are an interesting team. Every time it looks like they have turned a corner they put out a stinker like they did against the Charlotte Hornets Sunday. This makes tonight’s game against the Knicks very interesting.
  3. The Western Conference is interesting. There are only four games separating the fourth place team with the thirteenth place team. This makes it next to impossible to predict who is in the playoffs, who is in the play-in game and who won’t make the playoffs.
  4. Presently the Lakers are the thirteenth place team. The Lakers have been losing a lot of close games lately and with a little luck and a few good calls (Dallas and Boston) they could have won a few of them. If the Lakers make a good trade or just start winning those close games and finish fourth they would have home court and probably be favored in the first round of the playoffs.
  5. Kyrie Irving‘s agent, who happens to be his aunt, is asking to renegotiate his contract. This strikes me as funny. This is like the boy who has been acting up all day and suddenly is good for ten minutes so his mom will give him dessert. I hope he continues to play and act as he has since his suspension but if we look at his past behavior, it’s doubtful.
  6. The Celtics looked like world beaters last night against the Nets. This looked like last year’s team with a spry, dominant Rob Williams. They need him to not miss games and continue to dominate in order for them to go back to the finals.
  7. What happened to the New Orleans Pelicans? Well, actually injuries happened to them. Zion Williamson has been out a while as has Brandon Ingram who has just returned. The Pelicans at one time had the best record in the West and now they are in tenth place. They have lost nine in a row and are three and fourteen over their last seventeen games.


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