Random NBA Thoughts #9

  1. I am a big NBA fan however I find nothing enjoyable about the All Star festivities. The skills games, three point shot and dunk contest are the same old, same old. The All Star game, while fun to see the best players in the league, is nice. The All Stars not playing defense isn’t fun to watch. For me after tonight’s games I don’t have any NBA to watch for a week.
  2. The Brooklyn Nets made some good trades considering the situation they were in. They have a competitive team that is much better defensively. The problem they have is they don’t have a closer they can go to at the end of close games. To be a top team in the league you need at least one top ten player in the league on your team. Since 2004 only one team, the Detroit Pistons in 2004 won the championship without a top ten player.
  3. Speaking of the Nets, does anybody know what happened to Ben Simmons? He went from All Star to eighth man in a little over a year. If he wasn’t such a good defender he would have a problem getting playing time.
  4. It’s becoming difficult to route for the Memphis Grizzlies. They should be a team the NBA community embraces but their antics make them unappealing. The Ja Morant and his friends incident, Dillon Brooks and his antics and Ja’s father injecting himself into the game all have contributed to the problem.
  5. The Wembanyama sweepstakes  are heating up. Right now it looks like the four worst teams are, San Antonio, Charlotte, Houston and Detroit. Houston looks like a bunch of players that just met each other, Charlotte and Detroit have had problems with injuries. That leaves San Antonio and they are not good at all. If the basketball gods are fair San Antonio will get that pick.
  6. Check out Derrick White‘s numbers over the last six games, 22.7 points per game, twenty for forty seven from three, eight assists per game and pretty good defense. Five of those games were when Marcus Smart was out.
  7. It was a surprise the Miami Heat weren’t active in any trades at the deadline. For a slightly above average Heat team, Pat Riley being quiet is a surprise. Either his players don’t have the value he thinks they do or he has something planned for the summer. To be fair to the Heat they have been one of the most injured teams in the league.



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