Random NBA Thoughts #9

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  1. Have we seen enough of players sitting out for load management. The fans spend good money to see visiting players play and they don’t play. This happens in cities where visiting teams only play once a year. Please NBA do something about this.
  2. The question for LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis is, do they want to play in the play in game? If they win they would get to be fodder for Phoenix. For my money the answer is no.
  3. The Charlotte Hornets deserve credit. They were down and out a few weeks ago looking like their season was headed south. They have come back strong going seven and three in their last ten games and are challenging the Nets for the eighth seed.
  4. For the Philadelphia 76ers the question is which James Harden did they get in their trade with the Nets. If it is the one we are seeing now they gave up too much. You have to wonder if the party lifestyle is taking its toll on him. If it isn’t that then he needs to get himself in better shape.

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  1. The Wizards are rumored to be offering over two hundred million to Bradley Beal in a contract extension.This doesn’t make any sense. Beal did not have the type of year this year that would be worth that kind of money. The Wizards need to analyze whether signing him makes them a title contender. The answer to that is obvious. The best move the Wizards can make is to try and sign and trade him but I don’t know if anyone would pay him like that..
  2. You have to give Tom Thibodeau credit. The Knicks would need a miracle to reach the play in game yet they are still playing hard. The Knicks have won four in a row including wins over Chicago, Charlotte and Miami.
  3. I don’t know how the Celtics are going to fare without Robert Williams but in all of my years of following basketball I haven’t seen many teams as dominant as Boston has been over the last few months. Check out the scores of their games. It seemed like all the games they won were by more than twenty points.

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Random NBA Thoughts #9 Random NBA Thoughts #9

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