Random NBA Thoughts Playoffs #10

  1. Which Heat team is the real team? The hot shooting team that dispatched Milwaukee, Boston and the Knicks or the role players that lost to Denver. My money is on the team that lost to Denver. If Caleb Martin, Gabe Vincent and Max Strus are as good as they played in the earlier series’ then I’m wrong. If Miami believes they are good why are rumors they are chasing Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal?
  2. Nikola Jokic is one of the most refreshing athletes to come on the sports scene in quite a while. He is too good to be true. His value system is unheard of in today’s world. He loves his family and as dominant as he is, he’s quite humble. He’s a teammate every one wants to play with because he makes you better and is a quiet leader that commands respect.
  3. The Heat are at an interesting point as a team. As I said previously they want another scorer to complement Jimmy Butler. They know Butler is getting older, entering next season at thirty-four, and have to wonder how much he has left.
  4. It’s fashionable to make this year’s champs the favorite next year. That means Denver must go through next season healthy and keep their free agents, Bruce Brown and Jeff Green.
  5. Maybe it’s me but if Bradley Beal is to be traded his value can’t be that high. Over the last three years Beal has averaged 50 games played per year. Obviously this means he’s missed 32 games a year. He’s still owed over $150 million for the next three years and he has a player option for a fourth season at $57 million.
  6. Zion Williamson might be on the market. New Orleans, not known for going over the salary cap, may have had enough of him. He’s a player with great upside but any General Manager that trades for him is putting his job on the line. This is because he has missed more games than he’s played so far in his professional career.
  7. Hate to continue to talk about salaries but it’s that time of year. Monty Williams‘ contract as the new coach of the Piston is for six years at $13 million a season. Williams is considered a good coach but not in the upper echelon. The question is how much would Erik Spoelstra and Tyronn Lue command in this market.

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