Random NBA Thoughts Playoffs #4


  1. The New York Knicks are an interesting study. They have more talent than the Miami Heat however it looks like the Heat are the team that believes they will win. By the way whatever happened to Immanuel Quickley? He finished second in the voting for sixth man of the year and only plays nine minutes. The Knicks should think about going with four guards when Julius Randle is out of the game. Miami isn’t that big so defending against them shouldn’t be a problem as look as the get out on Miami’s three attempts.
  2. If you were impressed with the Heat, like most people are, you must keep in mind how far they have come. They were trailing the Chicago Bulls in the second half of the eighth place play-in game. If the Bulls won that game Miami wouldn’t even be in the playoffs.
  3. If the Boston Celtics defend like they did last night they will win the title. There was ball pressure applied, they were getting out on Philadelphia’s shooters and Jaylen Brown was picking up and pressuring James harden almost at half court. If PJ Tucker is on the court Boston can continue to not guard him. This allows Al Horford or Robert Williams to play free safety. That’s why they were able to block quite a few shots. The problem is Boston has been inconsistent all year and you never know which team will show up.
  4. The Lakers were given up as dead mid-way through the season when they were thirteenth in their conference. Rob Pelinka deserves a great deal of credit for turning that team into who they are now. Don’t forget when they were thirteenth everyone thought the Laker’s were in trouble because they didn’t have any trade assets.
  5. Speaking of the Lakers, Anthony Davis was great in game one. Keep in mind Golden State has nobody to match up with him and he could do this all series. Also keep in mind that Davis played forty-four minutes the other night. The question becomes, with he being injury prone can he handle extensive minutes. The series is scheduled for a game to be played every other night.
  6. In game two Phoenix looked like Kevin Durant and Devin Booker were taking turn dribbling and shooting in the fourth quarter and they were cold. There was no ball movement. To win they must get everyone involved offensively.
  7. The Golden State Warriors appear to be a team running out of gas in terms of their dynasty. They seem to be losing their magic. The only problem is any team with Stephen Curry is never dead.


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